Bird Box (English) Movie Review

This one just goes on to prove that not all Sandra Bullock movies are good. I felt that this one should be good as it had her in it. The trailer of the movie shows or tells the complete story and you needn’t waste another 2 hours of your time. I started watching this movie hoping something good would happen while the story goes on, but nothing much happened before the end credits started rolling.

Actually, reviews and ratings are mileading, they provide the hype to an average movie like this one. If you are expecting to see something scary and suspenseful then you will be dissappointed , as this one has nothing new to offer or entertain. There are far better movies like “I’m legend”,  etc which can be re-watched, but this one is a real bore.


Sandra Bullock even gets on one’s nerves with her shouting and gives everyone pretty much a hard time. I felt even John Malkovich is wasted as he just holds the gun and doesn’t pull the trigger, on the lighter side. There are better apocalyptic movies like 2012, I’m Legend to name a few.

Someone wrote that it is similar to the movie The Happening. I haven’t seen it yet. The only best thing about this movie is that it is visually appealing.

I wish I could get back my 2 hours back which this movie had stolen from me.

My rating is 1/5. Watch something worthwhile than this one.



The Babysitter (English) Movie Review

I had a lot of expectations on this one and it was a real let down. It is neither scary nor funny and not even close to be called a horror movie. The movies like this one which I honestly wanted to like it, but ended up disliking it for its supidity, gore and nonsense.

The story is worse than one can imagine. There have been better horror comedies like scary movie to name a few. Even Zombieland was far better than this crap. It is just sheer waste of time.


It is not scary, not funny, not thrilling and definitely not worth your time. Please give it a miss and watch something better.

My rating is 1/5.

Orbiter 9 (Spanish) Movie Review

I have seen a Spanish movie after quite sometime. There are some brilliant movies made in Spanish which were remade in other languages. This movie is slow burner which takes time to tell its story, but with patience, you will realise that it is a well made movie when it comes to conclusion. It is surely a well made sci fi love story.


I totally liked this movie as it slowly drew me into its wonderful story. Well, the first twist comes pretty too soon. Maybe, that is the way the story could have gone forward. This one is for someone who wants to see something different. This movie has something for everyone like suspense, drama, romance and even action. I felt the ending was perfect and very well done.

Also a first time director has done a wonderful job. The beautiful Clara Lago is on her way from a ruined Earth to Celeste, and awakes in her space- pod to find someone docking – the first living person she’ll meet apart from her deceased parents. Clara lago has played the character of Helena very well.


This one is a different sci fi movie and also thought provoking one. It is beautiful, heart-warming and under-rated movie. My rating is 4/5. Recommended.



What Happened to Monday (English) Movie Review

In not so distant future, population and famine have forced the government to take drastic step like One-Child Policy.  Child Allocation Bureau would take away excess children from any family. And what they do with those children would be revealed towards the climax of the movie.

Seven identical sisters are born to someone ( all of them wonderfully portrayed by Noomi Rapace).  They all are given names from each day of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and go with one singular identity : Karen Settman.

Also each one of them go outside with their common identity. They all are allowed to be themselves in their own prison which is their apartment. Everything goes well until Monday goes missing…What happened to Monday? Only the movie can tell you.

Technically the movie is well made that each character of the seven sisters what-happened-to-monday.jpgis shown distintively at the same time on screen that you feel they are for real.

You start feeling fro each one of them as the story unfolds. I think the script is not only brilliant, but very well adapted to the big screen as well. I didn’t expect it to be so well done. The acting by Noomi Rapace is one word phenomenal. She plays seven different characters with relative ease. The seven sisters working together for their survival was something novel.

This one is a best action sci-fi thriller I have seen in quite sometime. I highly recommend this one. But be aware, it has strong language, nudity, sex and voilence. If you can overlook it then it is a brilliant movie for sure.

My rating is 5/5. AWESOME!!



The Cobbler (English) Movie Review

This isn’t typical Adam Sandler movie which has typical slapstick humor.This one is perfeclty entertaining movie that keeps one engrossed from start to finish. Also it has fairy tale like fantasy which makes this one interesting.  It is funny and makes one feel good when it ends.

I felt that this one is Adam Sandler’s finest performance. He naturally fits the character he plays in this movie. The story is really good one with a twist in the end. It has pretty good star cast and everyone have done a decent job.

I started watching it without any expectations and was surprised. The writing and screenplay is good. The best thing is that this one isn’t over the top comedy like other Sandler movies. It is dark at times and has nudity, you can enjoy it if you over look it.

All in all an enjoyable movie. My rating is 4/5.


Anjaan : Special Crimes Unit (Season 1) Review:

Well, this is our own version of X-files, it may not be as good as X-files, but it is a decent supernatural series made in different parts of India. The casting for ASP Aditi and ACP Vikrant is perfect! The battle between evil Vanraj and Good cop Vikrant seems out of this world, but other than that it is interesting in most part of the series. It was like a trip down memory lane for me, since I have such fond memories of watching paranormal show like X-files which used to come in Star World, if my memory is good.

The best thing about this series is that the story usually ends in one episode. Also it is must watch for those who like thrillers and mysteries. The concept, script, direction and camera work are well done. Also they have shot most of the scenes in dark, jungles, etc to give it a reality feel, which adds on to it as a plus point. The BGM is pretty decent. In a way it is nice that the series ended at episode 65.

Hoping they may make season 2 seeing the popularity of this series. Also Anjaan Rural Myth mini series was the one which made me watch this one. So, hoping they would make season 2 for that one as well. Gashmeer and Heena did pretty decent job as the cops investigating and solving the supernatural mysteries. My rating is 4/5. Recommended for those who love mysteries and supernatural.

Source: The series is available on YouTube and Netflix.