A Glimpse

55 Fiction

She had a glimpse of a beautiful life which she wondered if it was in the past or future?

Just then he pulled her out holding by her neck, as she cried her heart out.

“Do you have to kill in front of me?”

“Take a walk while I end this chicken’s life!”



The Window

55 Fiction

He saw a stranger staring at his bedroom window from outside.

‘Is something wrong?’ He asked him, going out.

‘Do you live alone?’

‘Yes, why?’

‘I don’t think so!’ He said, pointing his finger at his window.

He turned and saw an old lady dressed in black staring at them from his bedroom window.

Stupid Imagination

55 Fiction

He was having his dinner in some restaurant one evening when he heard a voice.

“You’re going to die tonight!”

He turned around and asked someone from nearest table, “Did you say something?”

“No.” That person replied.

“It should be my stupid imagination.” He said.

“No, it isn’t your stupid imagination!” The voice said.

The Grave Keeper

55 Fiction

He heard a cry from a newly made grave one night. He bent down and heard the voice.

“Please get me out of here. I’m not dead!”

“The tombstone says you had died few days back.”

“Get me out, you moron!”

“Sorry, now, you better go back to sleep.” He said, walking away from there.

Wake up

55 Fiction

He woke up and felt peace, no pain.

He looked around for his body, couldn’t find it. It should be in one of the mortuary drawers.

Now, he remembered of dying from a road accident. It all happened so quick.

The last thing he saw before losing his body was the headlights of the truck.

The Candle Light

55 Fiction

He had lighted a candle as there was power cut due to heavy down pour. Suddenly, the candle light went off though the window and door were tightly shut.

“A ghost, is it?” He laughed, “If you are real then light the candle back!”

The light came back as if in some magic trick.