Matter of Love

55 Fiction

‘I love you. I miss you and I can’t stay without you.’ He said, looking at her.

‘Oh, my parents will not agree for our match.’ She replied.

‘Why, not?’ He asked disappointed, nibbling nearby leaves in frustration.

‘You are still not so good looking caterpillar, while I’m a beautiful butterfly!’ She said mischievously.

Sai Heritage Village, Shirdi P.3

This one is the concluding part of Sai Heritage Village, Shirdi visit of last week..

Sai Baba serving food for his devotees…


A child peeps from the trailer’s shop..


While other kids are playing..


A seller in his shop…



A lady putting rangoli in front of her house…


A little girl outside her house..


A typical village panchayat where justice is served like in courts..


A man doing his job outside a dead person’s house…


Woman drawing water from the well…one carrying water in earthen pots.


A person selling oil..


A boy singing…


A cobbler doing his daily work under a tree, seated upon a stone platform…


Sai Baba treating a sick person and healing him..


A man purchasing vegetables from a vegetable vendor….


The village school teacher teaching the kids…


Two men selling in the sidewalks of a street..

A Brahmin speaking while Sai baba and others listen…


Kids playing with bullock cart at Dwarakamai…


Some lady leaving the village


in a tonga..a horse driven cart in those days this was a means of transport.


The day Shirdi Sai Baba breathed his last breath and left his mortal body..




Sai Heritage Village, Shirdi P.2

Well, continuing the Sai Heritage Village visit in Shirdi last week..


Sai Baba seated in the veranda outside a house with a lady named Bayajabai Maa who giving food and wate, while having a conversation.


A little girl doing some house hold work in the back yard of her house..


Two women having conversation while doing some work.


An old man taking some rest under the shade of a tree..


Sai Baba helping a kid at work.


A lady doing some work behind her house..


Young Sai Baba meditating at Gurusthan.. this was the first time Sai Baba appeared in Shirdi.


A lady giving alms to Sai Baba..while a dog is watching them.


A trailer at work in his shop..


Another person at work in his hut..


A lady biding farewell with tears in her eyes..






Sai Heritage Village, Shirdi P.1

We had been to Shirdi last week and the first place we had visited was Sai Heritage Village. I didn’t know about it, my wife had found this one on Youtube.


There is an entrance fee of Rs.125/- per person which includes a toy train ride and the railway track is much above the ground level. It appears like a roller coaster ride.


Well, visiting this place magically takes you to the era of Shirdi Sai. 


The life time of Shirdi Sai Baba is wonderfully depicted through various life size statues/replicas.


Also the village life of that era is shown very well.


Like this pandit and an old lady selling temple pooja requirements at the steps of the temple..


The Khandoba temple replica is done very well.


A farmer ploughing his field with oxen..


Bhakta Kumbara, a potter who is a devout follower of God.


One day while curing the clay to make pots, Kumbara gets so immersed in his chanting that he tramples and kills his young son. That is shown well in the above replica.


A lady seated in front of her hut.


A seller in the streets of Shirdi.


The pot seller seated with pots outside her house.


Peter Rabbit Movie Review

Peter Rabbit is a simple story with wonderful animation and a fun filled movie which my daughter of 5 years watched twice. Well, second time with me. And we both enjoyed it.


Peter Rabbit, Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton Tail and Benji get into mischief by taking vegetables from the garden next door. They take the vegetables from Mr. McGregor who tries desperately to get them out of his garden.The rabbits hang out with loveable character Bea. She helps the rabbits by giving them shelter when it rains and helps them get food.

The best thing about the movie is the wonderful CGI which works with good acting. The CGI is so extraordinary that the animals look so real on screen. That in itself is a major achievement.

This one is sweet, simple and heart felt. Also one of the best animation/adventure movies I have seen after a long time. It is so adorable that I wonder how it got so many bad reviews and less rating on IMDb. For me, it is surely, 10/10 movie.

See it with your kids and you all will have a wonderful time together, I’m sure!

Secret Superstar Hindi Movie Review

Secret Superstar is surely one of the moving, thought provoking, emotional and inspiring movies I have seen in Bollywood. As An Aamir Khan movie one’s expectations are high and also one expects something different. This movie makes one feel proud of his or her mother. The sacrifices a mother makes to see her son or daughter succeed in life can’t be put in words.


Secret Superstar is about a girl named Insia wonderfully played by Zaira Wasim. Meher Vij plays her mother Najma. Sajid Kabir as Insia’s little brother Guddu with a big heart. Insia has a little love story too with her classmate Tirth Sharma who plays Chintan. Actually, negativity is required so that positivity gets its meaning. So, does Raj Arjun as an abusive husband Farookh  shines in the negative character. He is not the typical villain like in Bollywood movies, but an average Indian male who doesn’t care for dreams and wishes of his adorable daughter. It is here his wife stands for her daughter’s dream.

India has many talented kids like Insia, but their dreams remains dreams due to lack of support from family and other social issues. Parents need to see in what their kids have interest and then to encourage them to shine and achieve their individual dreams.

I loved this movie. A simple script, amazing screen play filled with right emotions that inspires and motivates the audience.



Awe! (2018) Telugu Movie Review

Well, writing a review for a movie like this one isn’t easy, without mentioning any spoilers. This is certainly something different and new to Telugu cinema.


This movie is multi layered like an onion. The plot is six different story lines that unfold in a restaurant about different people and how their life changing moments take place forms the crux of the plot. The way the movie is made is non linear, and seems confusing. However, everything is tied well in the climax.The twist in the end could appear amazing for some! Especially for those who don’t watch Hollywood movies. Prasanth Varma makes good first attempt as a director.

Speaking about something different is a gold fish in an aquarium which has actor Nani’s voice and a Bonsai tree which has Ravi Teja’s voice. Only the cook can hear their voices. This is surely good one time watch. You will either love this movie or end up hating it. You will know which side you are only when you watch this movie.



Bharat Ane Nenu Telugu Movie Review

Well, it has been a while since a good story came along for Mahesh Babu as his last two movies have been disasters at the box office. I had liked Koratala Siva and Mahesh’s combination a few years back Srimanthudu though which had its inspiration from SRK’s Swades, It was a nice feel good block buster and the last blockbuster to Mahesh as well.


So, the expectations were too high when the director Koratala Siva and Mahesh Babu came together one more time for this movie. Mahesh Babu as Bharath in this movie plays the youngest Chief Minister of united Andhra Pradesh. One can’t ignore comparisons with‎ Sekhar Kammula’s now classic movie “Leader” which has a similar theme. I don’t mean to say that the story lines of these two movies are similar, but the theme is same.

Mahesh Babu excels in the role of Bharat. Thanks to ‎Koratla Siva for weaving another blockbuster story keeping superstar Mahesh in his mind and he succeeds to a major extent in doing so. The writer-director has picked some key/relevant issues and addressed them in this movie which becomes a plus point in this movie. Also the movies gives the viewer a lot to root for. Everything goes well, unless a weak climax brings down the movie a bit. Maybe, this was the only possible way to conclude it or maybe, it could have been better, you’ll never know? Devi Sri Prasad’s music and back ground score elevates the movie and takes it to the next level, including Mahesh’s performance.

Though I liked this movie, Leader still remains my personal best political movie to date.



Blackmail (2018) Hindi Movie Review

This movie reminded me the classic comedy satire Jaani Bhi Do Yaaron. Well, I am not comparing these two movies. This one is also a situational comedy like that classic movie. The story is about a middle-class office going guy, Dev Kaushal (Irrfan Khan), who wants to re-ignite the sour relationship with his wife (Kirti Kulhari). After being advised by his colleague, he gets into a grave yard and picks up a bunch of flowers from some grave and reaches home early to impress his wife.


However, he gets the shock of his life seeing his wife on bed with her lover. Now, he thinks a way to have his revenge. And he starts blackmailing his wife’s lover for money. What follows is a chain of blackmailers who want to have their piece of cake. The best thing about the movie is that each and very character is well defined and plays the crucial part in the progress of the story.

Irrfan rocks as usual in this movie and is well supported by others. Do watch it alone and you will enjoy this one, not knowing what happens next? which scene would leave in peals of laughter. I enjoyed this one for sure.