The Age of Adaline (English) 2015 Movie review:

Vasu Gangapalli

A young woman who is born at the turn of the 20th century, becomes ageless after a bizzare accident.Adaline miraculously remains 29 years old for almost 8 decades.She lived a solitary life never allowing anyone to come close to her so that she can safeguard her secret. Also shifting to different places with new identities. It is amazing to see when her only daughter starts growing older than her. The wonderful relationship they …both share.Then she meets a man who complicates her eternal life. This one is surely a different romantic tale which drew me into it. This movie is almost perfect with wonderful performances, intertesting screen play and direction and above all a wonderful, but strange love story. Great support comes from Harrison Ford and Kathy Baker as Ellis’ parents. This one surely surpassed my expectations. Not sure how I missed this amazing movie so long? Overall a beautifully crafted movie with an amazing story and performances that seem real. My rating is 4.5/5. Again, highly recommended. I had seen this one on Netflix.


K.D.(Tamil) 2019 Movie Review:

Vasu Gangapalli

Thanks to Veena for recommending this movie :). KD is full of life. It is about wonderful friendship between a run away 80 year old man and an orphan kid of 8 years old. It is directed by a female director Madhumita Sundararaman. The unique way of writing the bucket list on a tree truck. The movie has wonderful moments which makes you to smile and even brings tears to eyes with its emotions that tug at the heart strings. Karuppu Durai (Mu Ramasa…my) and Kutty (Nagavishal) chemistry on screen is as realistic as it could get. The movie starts with Karuppu Durai who has been in coma for three months. How his cildren plan to get rid of him and at that very moment K.D. wakes up from his coma, and is long gone before his children realise that he is missing from his bed. The supporting characters have given good performance as well. Like the biriyani shop owner whose business booms after Karuppu’s way of eating Biryani inspires or tempts many to go for it. All in all a wonderful movie not to be missed. I had given it a miss seeing the movie poster, but then my cousin made me see it. My rating is 4.5/5. Highly recommnded.

Director Madhumita with her wonderful creation!!

Vasu Gangapalli

Source: Netflix


Sillu Karuppatti (Tamil) 2019 Movie Review:

Vasu Gangapalli

An anthlogy of 4 romantic tales of four different aged group people that are connected by the magic thread called Love. Off course, Ola and Alexa become part of the these stories which seem bit unrealistic. But then everything is fair in the game of love and war. This one is another wonderful feel good movie I have seen after K.D. The director wanted to narrate 4 different types of love and did a fine job in executing it really well…. The movie is engrossing from start to finish, with no dull moment in it. I liked all the 4 stories, but my fav one is “Turtle”. Then comes “Kakka Kadi” which shows that there is hope in every situation in life, we just need to hold it in our hands to see through any difficult situation. Then comes “Pink Bag” which has innocent and pure form of love. And then last but not the least is Hey Ammu in which Amazon Alexa plays the cupid in the lost love of married couple with three kids. All in all, a wonderful feel good movie not be missed at any cost. Highly recommended. My rating is 5/5. I wish I could give more 🙂

Reacher (2022-) TV Series Review:

Though Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher was good, but I felt he was miscast as Reacher as he was no where close to the Reacher’s character as per the books. However, in this TV series that is taken care as Alan Ritchson seems to be perfect Jack Reacher with his physical form and is fantastic as Reacher as he plays the character as a man with a strong sense of justice. Reacher doesn’t actively seek out trouble, but it is usually trouble that seeks him. However, he makes it clear that it will regret having sought him out. I have read 21 books of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series over 3 years time and felt more than happy watching this series on Amazon Prime. It is definitely worth your time. However, do keep in mind that it does have nudity and sexual content. So, it is for audience 18 and above. Also it is based on one Jack Reacher book Killing Floor. As there are many more books, so it should be a lengthy series with many seasons to follow. Eagerly waiting for the next season to come soon. My rating is 8.5/10. Highly recommended.

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The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift
A Poem

God chooses almost everything on our behalf,
But lets us decide on one thing,
and make our own choice,
In choosing the greatest gift of our lives.
It is not found under a Christmas tree,
Nor the birthday gift we get or give,
Nor in the rainbow cloud,
But in the hearts and minds of true friends.
Friendships are wonderful,
Are true stories that never ends.
They remain golden with every changing trend.
Friendship is the gentle breeze,
in the moonlit sky.
Friendship is like warm sun,
after a long cold winter night.
Friendship is like the church
That stands tall in the cold winter night,
taking the mighty wind’s blow,
Saving a colourful candle’s little glow.
Think of love that could bring tears to eyes,
And pain to broken hearts.
But, never saw one friendship that could do that.
Friendship is one thing,
Where we lose nothing,
But, gain almost everything.
Yes, one gift god let me to chose,
One ship to sail through the smooth and turbulent waters of life.
One ship called the “Friendship”
That has remained the greatest
gifts of our lives!

By :- Vasu Gangapalli

The Destiny’s Plan

55 Fiction

“Why?” She cried, with tears rolling down her eyes, clutching to a sweater she had knitted for him.

He didn’t wanted this to happen. Destiny had plans unknown to them both. How eagerly he had waited to see her.

“I wish this hadn’t had happened mother.” Whispered the soul of the born still baby.

Unspoken Words

55 Fiction

He kept a bunch of flowers, with a tear drop falling upon them and glistening in the morning light.

“I wish I had told you how much I love you..” He said.

‘Yes’, She thought, her eyes deprived of any more tears, ‘..while I was still alive.’

He looked at her grave one last time.



A tale from Indian mythology Re-told by Vasu Gangapalli

Once upon time, long ago, in direction of south, there lived a Brahman couple named Brahmavatha Sudhram and Sudeha. Their only worry was that they didn’t have children. This made Sudeha very sad and frustrated as they both had tried in all the possible ways to have a child, and their efforts went in vain.

At last, Sudeha got an idea.

“Dear, I want you to do something for me. Please promise me that you shall do it.” She told her husband.

“What is it?” Her husband asked, with a frown on his face as he was skeptical about what her want could be.

“First, you promise me!” Sudeha said, extending here right hand towards him.

“Alright, I promise!” He said, placing his right hand palm upon hers,

“Now, tell me, what you want me to do?”

“As you know, we tried to have a child from quite some time and weren’t successful..”

“Yes, so?”

“I want you to marry my sister Grushma, so that we can have a child through her.”

“No, Sudeha. I can’t do that.” He replied, taking a back step rather shocked with what he heard.

“Remember, you promised me!” Sudeha said with a stern voice, taking a step forward.

“Well, do you think she would agree to do it?”

“Leave that to me. I’ll take care if it!” Sudeha replied, with a smile on her face.

Grushma agreed to marry Sudharma and they both got married. Grushma was a devotee of Lord Shiva.
Every day, she used to make one hundred and one lingas and worship them. Then set them afloat in the nearby pond.
As days passed by, with blessings of Lord Shiva, Grushma gave birth to a baby boy. Sudharm was happy as his long pending wish was granted at last. Grushma was happy too. However, Sudeha became jealous of Grushma and her son as she felt that the mother and son were taking her husband away from her.

“Dear, I think you are closer to Grushma and her son than me.” Sudeha told her husband one day.

“It is just your imagination, my dear. I am close to all of you.”“No, I can see that!”

“It was your wish that I marry your sister, wasn’t it? Now, we all are one family together.”

One night, Sudeha killed Grushma’s son and dumped his body in the pond. The next morning, when everyone discovered the body of the boy floating in the pond, everyone were very upset and grieved for him. Grushma was absorbed in worship of Lord Shiva and she didn’t break down.

“It is Lord Shiva who gave me this child and he will protect him.” Grushma said. She started chanting Lord Shiva’s mantra.

Later, when she went to discharge the Shiva Lingas after worshiping them, she saw he son running towards her. She hugged him overjoyed, as the tears overflowed from her eyes.

“Please don’t cry, mother.” The boy said, wiping her tears with his little fingers, “I shall never leave you and go again.”
Lord Shiva appeared before her and said:

“Grushma, I am pleased with your devotion and I am going to punish your sister Sudeha, for what she did!”

“My Lord, please forgive my sister Sudeha.” Grushma pleaded with folded hands.

“Alright, my child,” Lord Shiva said, “I will forgive her for your sake. Now, go ahead and ask me for another boon.”

“My Lord, if you are really pleased with my devotion then you should reside here eternally in form of a Jyotirlinga and may you be known by my name.” Grushma said.

“As you wish, my child.” Lord Shiva said, raising his right hand and blessing her.

So, on her wish Lord Shiva manifested himself in the form of a Jyotirlinga and assumed the name of Grushmeshwar and the lake was named as Shivalaya thereafter.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (2021) English Movie Review:

For someone like me who has seen this concept many times before in movie like Groundhog Day which started it all. The only new thing here is two people experience this time loop. They eventually meet and end up falling in love. This one is one good time watching keeping aside what I had mentioned. Who knows? This one could be futuristic cult teen classic down the years. I enjoyed watching Mark and Margaret’s friendship that unfolds on screen and all the crazy things which they do together knowing well that there is no real consequences as they are in the time loop. The movie has a subtle message that many times the perfect things in life are made up of simple things that happen to any given random person. Another good thing which the lead character learns in the time loop is being good to others. My rating is 4/5. Highly recommended.

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Ishq (2019) Not a Love Story – Malayalam Movie Review:

The tag “Not a love story” made me watch this one and I should say that it is well made movie. Later, I read in some reviews that this one is a copy of Hollywood movie “Landmine Goes Click” and I even tried to watch it. Sorry to mention that it was pathetic and I couldn’t stand to see it…I just forwarded it to the climax. The climax was most stupid one I had seen on screen in long time. Now, coming back to this movie, Ishq is mostly edge of the seat thriller-revenge drama based on moral policing. I felt that everyone gave solid performances in the movie. Someone mentioned that the lead girl just sat and did nothing to help her man. Well, some people don’t react during tensed situations. I think that was okay. The twist in the end was good one. Aren’t most of the men are like the lead character of this movie? This is debatable though. Shine Chacko fits into the anti-hero character well, his face and expressions fit well. See this movie if you haven’t seen it. My rating is 3.5/5.

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Nonsense (2018) Malayalam Movie Review:

Nonsense (2018) Malayalam Movie Review: It is kind of heart touching movie. I avoided this movie thinking that it should be nonsense like its title and also seeing a boy kissing a girl from his bicycle, but I was wrong. This one brought a smile back on my face, reminding me that I was from the last bench in all my classes due to my height. Also seeing the thought of the day by APJ Abdul Kalam “The best brains of the nation may be found on the last benches of the classroom.” This one is a thought provoking movie as most of the parents want their kids to be engineers or doctors, but not one gives a thought of making them better human beings which the society or this world deserves. I feel this is a movie everyone needs to see as it has almost everything in it. Thanks to MC Jithin and Crew for making this little gem of a movie. The visuals in the movie were beautiful. The story and screen play was good as it never dragged at any point. Also it showcased the other side of the Gods Own Country – Kerala., where people go on strike and create hardships for general public. In one word Nonsense had a lot of sense in it. Please do watch if you haven’t seen it yet. Maybe, you too would end up liking it. My rating is 3/5.

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Kunju Daivam (2018) Malayalam Movie Review :

The title of this particular movie fascinated me and made me watch it. I felt Adish Praveen was amazing in this movie and the national award is well deserved. Also Joju George is wonderful on screen as ever. I wish to see more of him after watching the movie Joseph. Kunju Daivam is a story of compassion and innocence of the lead character played by Adish. Initially, I felt the climax wasn’t complete. After re-watching it made a lot of sense. The plot of the movie is about Little Joseph who hates school, dreads exams and wouldn’t mind praying to God for somebody’s death if that means getting a chance to skip the exams. One fine day, God answers Joseph’s prayers – the only problem is that it is Joseph’s grandfather who had passed away. A guilt-ridden Joseph is convinced that he is responsible for the unexpected demise of his grand father and decides to redeem himself by saving someone from death. This time, not only through prayers, but also by the virtue of his good deeds. The songs, BGM was good and photography was good in long shots rather than close ups. Kunju Daivam is really worth watching it once and it resonates feel of goodness. Also it is a movie entire family should watch together. My rating is 4/5. Highly recommended.

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