Mystery Blogger Award


Hi everyone!!!

I’m feeling good for having being nominated for “Mystery Blogger Award” by Sunaina, one of the writers I like in WordPress for her wonderful writings. Especially, her emotional writing “A letter to my dad” moved me, made me feel nostalgic about my dad, whom I had lost at very young age.Thank you, Sunaina. Her blog contains something special that each one of you could relate to…please do follow her on the link given below.


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Okay, here is the hard part, speaking about myself…

1. I was born an extrovert, but something in my childhood made me an introvert. It was a blessing in disguise, as I started expressing my feelings with my pen, and became a writer. I find my patience and perseverance as my strength. Also I would like to motivate and inspire people to do better. My friends say that I do magic with words. I used to do drawing and painting during my school days, won prizes as well. But haven’t continued it. I like reading, writing, watching movies, listening to music, traveling, gardening, and cooking.

2. I have a desire to learn to one musical instrument in life. Hope to do it some time.

3. I can’t keep control on myself if I see a thriller or mystery novel . I grew up reading Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer and recently Dan Brown Books. I have been reading Detective Inspector Kim Stone and Erica Foster Series. Also added Rybon Carter series as well. Ruskin Bond is my favourite writer, whom I was lucky to meet and get his autograph. He is my inspiration for writing.

The thought which had given to me to express my views was-

“Be like a drop of water which creates ripples before going down!”

My response about life would be..

“Life is a journey which needs to be more of internal than external, finding yourself, than finding someone else. Remember, if you find yourself that is the biggest piece of the puzzle, everything else will surely fall into place!”

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