Tau (English) Netflix Movie Review:

I didn’t go through any reviews before venturing into this AI plot movie. I ended up liking it and was surprised to see low rating and negative reviews on it. This movie was engrossing from start to finish. Actually, the plot is interesting about an AI which bonds with a human being who becomes a guniea pig in some scientist’s expirement. The interaction between the primary character who is the human being and the secondary character AI is wonderful.

I was pleasantly surprised to know that the voice of the AI was lent by none other than Gary oldman, which was perfect. I had tried to watch a couple of other highly rated movies which I gave up as they tried best to put me to sleep before seeing this one.

Miaka Monroe did a good job as the primary character who wants to escape from the high tech secured house. VFX and cinematography was perfect too for a low budget movie.

My rating is 4/5. Recomended.