We, Strangers

A Poem

We, Strangers

You and I

Walk in the Streets

See each other

Sometimes we smile

Sometimes we don’t

Sometimes we talk

Sometimes we don’t

We are so much alike

Yet, for each other

we are unknown

We mask our feelings

Behind our cold faces

Sometimes we open

oursleves to others

as though we are

best of friends

Yes, It’s two strangers

Who could become

close friends

close foes too

It’s strangers

who strangely

meet and fall

in love too

It’s strangers just

like you and I

Who make people

People make nations

Nations world

We, Strangers

come together

in a hotel

Sip cups of tea

We travel together

on land, air and sea

We come together

under one single


in the rain

We don’t know

the game of

the devine

Whether this is

our first and

last meeting

Or we’ll meet

once again.


A Poem

She is one of the
Wonders God had created,
A wonder which
Can’t be created
Again or repeated.
She is everything to us,
Yet, we don’t
Seldom acknowledge.
She is a wonderful daughter,
Every father would love to have.
A caring sister every brother
Would love to have.
A close and best friend,
A loving and caring wife,
A Living God called “Mother”,
A wonderful story-teller called
“Grand Mother”.
She is everything to us,
Yet some of us treat her as
Though she is nothing.
She is inferior to no one.
She is a wonderful
Gift God gave us,
Without her
Man can’t exist.
So let’s bow to her
And acknowledge.

Why can’t I be?

A Poem

One evening I was depressed,

And was walking in a lonely path

Suddenly, the wind blew up the dry

Leaves fallen on the ground

Swirled and took them to the sky

It was magic and wonderful

Seeing the dry leaves dancing

In front of my eyes

Then a thought crossed my mind

Why can’t I be like the wind,

Which had lifted the fallen

Leaves from the ground

And made them to touch the sky!

Why can’t I help those who have

Fallen from the grace,

Those who have failed

And those who are left behind,

Help them to find their lost hope

And bring back the smile to their face.

Morning Glory

A Poem

The lens of my eyes
Captures the morning glory
As a new day comes
With an untold story
The sky is fresh with
The smokeless air
I sit by the window
of my room and just stare
From the clouds above
The bright sun peeps
As the night vanishes
I wonder where its
Darkness it keeps
A new calm descends
in my mind and a
smile on my lips
As I taste the hot cup
of coffee in little sips.


A Poem

I wonder why
You didn’t
Want me.
It’s a pity that
You didn’t even
Give me a chance
To call you, ‘Mother’.
Should I thank you,
For not bringing
Me into this
Cruel world.
Or should I Hate
you for
Getting me
Killed brutally
In your womb.
I wish even
I could’ve
Been someone,
Yes, someone
If you had
Given me
A chance,
A chance to
Live just
Like you in
This world.


A Poem

When your heart tells you
About something you want
Something which isn’t
Easy to get
All you need to do
Is try a bit harder
To overcome all the
Obstacles on the way
Believe in your
Inner strength
No matter what the
World may have to say
Life without its
Twists and turns
Ups and downs
Isn’t worth living
Believe in yourself
And you’ll surely
Make your way.


A Poem

It’s one drop that starts the rain,
It’s one smile that lets you forget the pain.
It’s one seed which would grow up to a tree,
It’s one thought that can set your mind free.
It’s one hand that lifts a soul,
It’s one word that could make someone
Reach their goal.
It’s one little thing called hope,
That would keep everyone going,
And in life they would learn to cope.
It’s one candle that conquers
Darkness in a room,
It’s one support that would conquer
Someone’s gloom.
It’s one gentle touch,
That would show that you do care.
It’s one act of courage,
That sets you apart, and makes others
To stand up and stare.
It’s one bird that would start a song,
It’s one true love to whom your heart
would belong.
It’s one life you are given to live,
Try to make most of it, and try to forgive.
It’s one true friend,
Who would stand by your side till the end.
It’s one person who can make the difference,
The difference that could change this world.