A Poem

It’s one drop that starts the rain,
It’s one smile that lets you forget the pain.
It’s one seed which would grow up to a tree,
It’s one thought that can set your mind free.
It’s one hand that lifts a soul,
It’s one word that could make someone
Reach their goal.
It’s one little thing called hope,
That would keep everyone going,
And in life they would learn to cope.
It’s one candle that conquers
Darkness in a room,
It’s one support that would conquer
Someone’s gloom.
It’s one gentle touch,
That would show that you do care.
It’s one act of courage,
That sets you apart, and makes others
To stand up and stare.
It’s one bird that would start a song,
It’s one true love to whom your heart
would belong.
It’s one life you are given to live,
Try to make most of it, and try to forgive.
It’s one true friend,
Who would stand by your side till the end.
It’s one person who can make the difference,
The difference that could change this world.


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