Dying Truth (Book#8) Review

This is one series along with D.I.Erika Foster series that I have been reading. Also this is the first book which I read on my new Kindle. I never thought a crime series would make feel so emotional. In someway, I got attached to the characters of this series for so long. I felt like I personally knew each one of them while reading this series. So, it was really heart breaking when one of those characters meets with a tragic end towards the climax of this story. The best part of the Kim series is each one of the characters of this series. Angela Marsons is no doubt one of the best crime writers. It is not an easy task to keep series alive after say 7th Book. The last two chapters of this book emotionally drained me. It was like in real life when you lose someone whom you knew…when you realise that person is no more…it is the same feeling that lingered in my mind for days. Now, I would like to see how the story progresses further in Book#9. If you like suspense thrillers then this is one of the best series to read. I highly recommend it.



Geetha Govindam Telugu Movie Review

Somehow, I ended up liking this romantic comedy. I felt that the writing was smooth which was enhanced with good acting, comedy and music. Vijay Deverakonda acted well along with Rashmika Mandanna, who appeared okay without her specs which she sported in the movie Kirik Party, Kannada movie. That was the first time I saw her movie and liked her in that particular movie.


This movie more or less reminded me favourite story Pride & Prejudice which is a classic example of mistaken character identity. Initially, the heroine has a negative impression of our hero Vijay like Elizabeth has that of Darcy, may not be in similar way. But to come extent.

Slowly, that so called negative impression changes as the movie progresses further, as the heroine gets to know our hero better. She even ends up falling in love with him. However, we need some twist in the story, but the twist in this movie seemed too cliched. Like in other telugu movies, family ties and values are added to this romantic story. I felt Vennela Kishore, who though makes a late entry almost steals the show towards the end.

Geetha Govindam has nice lead pair, comedy and music and above all a decent story which can be enjoyed by entire family. Recommended.




Deadly Secrets Book Review

I have been following Detective Erika Foster series and this one is the 6th book in the series. The story is set during Christmas, it is about Marissa Lewis who is young and beautiful and who is murdered in front of her house. As Erika tries to put the puzzle together through the bits and pieces of information shared by people who knew Marissa, it becomes complicated as a stalker who attacks both men and women – witnesses describe him as very tall, and wearing black clothes – but what makes him stand out from the usual attacker is the fact that he always wears a gas mask. Is he related to this murder case? The suspense runs almost close to the end. It keeps readers guessing! To make matters worse, Erika’s father-in-law has a fall and is hospitalized. So, Erika has to handover the case to Moss and rush to her father-in-law’s care. Will Moss be able to solve this case? You need to read this fast paced thriller to know more about the story. Robert Bryndza has emerged as one of the best crime writers and in turn, making Detective Inspector Erika Foster a memorable character. It is 4 stars from me.


Gifted (2017) Movie Review

This one is a moving drama about a gifted child Mary Adler ( McKenna Grace) who had lost her mother, who was a maths genius and is brought up by her uncle Frank Adler (Chris Evans). Her uncle Frank tries his best to give her a normal life which he had promised to his sister before she ended her own life.


Frank’s plans for a normal school life for Mary are foiled when the seven-year-old’s mathematical abilities come to the attention of Frank’s formidable mother Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan) whose plans for her granddaughter threaten to separate Frank and Mary forever. You need to watch this heart-warming movie to know who would succeed in the end?  Chris Evans and McKenna Grace have given a wonderful performance as uncle and niece. They are well supported by other actors as well.

Technically this movie is very good a well. Especially, songs along with cinematography. Gifted is a slice of life to be watched along with family. This one is  one of the best movies from the makers of 500 days of summer.

I loved and recommend it!