Two Sentence Story

He was surprised to see his newspaper dated tomorrow, he double checked the date and got confirmation. He was further shocked to see his obituary in the second page with a picture he was sure he had never clicked before.

A Question

A Question
Short Story

“Do you read these books?” Asked a lady to a little boy who was selling books at a traffic signal. The boy smiled and replied, “I am just like a well that only holds water, but doesn’t know how to drink!”

Morning Glory

A Poem

The lens of my eyes
Captures the morning glory
As a new day comes
With an untold story
The sky is fresh with
The smokeless air
I sit by the window
of my room and just stare
From the clouds above
The bright sun peeps
As the night vanishes
I wonder where its
Darkness it keeps
A new calm descends
in my mind and a
smile on my lips
As I taste the hot cup
of coffee in little sips.


A Poem

I wonder why
You didn’t
Want me.
It’s a pity that
You didn’t even
Give me a chance
To call you, ‘Mother’.
Should I thank you,
For not bringing
Me into this
Cruel world.
Or should I Hate
you for
Getting me
Killed brutally
In your womb.
I wish even
I could’ve
Been someone,
Yes, someone
If you had
Given me
A chance,
A chance to
Live just
Like you in
This world.


55 Fiction

‘I’ll come for you tonight! Be ready!’ He whispered in her ear, holding her hand.

‘Okay, but where shall we go..?’ She asked.

‘Leave that to me!’ He said, smiling, and letting go her hand.

That night they both ran away from the old age home where their children had left them.

When you grow up!

When you grow up!
55 Fiction

“Son, what you want to be when you grow up?”

“Do I have an option, dad?”

“Okay, where do you want to live then?”

“Some place far away from here…”

“You may not have this kind of freedom elsewhere…”

“Who cares, dad? I’m really bored being a stupid elephant in this boring jungle!”

Routine Food

Routine Food
55 Fiction

“Mom, I’m really bored having the same old routine food everyday! Can’t we have something else?”

“Like, what?”

“How about some meat?”

“We’re vegetarians for heaven’s sake!”

“Yes, of course, and I’m cursed to be born to a family of Giraffes!”