Tabula Rasa (Netflix TV Series) Review:

Tabula Rasa is a wonderfully made psychological thriller about a married woman called Mie, who has amnesia and is the last person seen with the vanished Thomas Spectre. Mie is also a prime suspect in this disappearing case, so is locked up in a secure psychiatric hospital and can’t be released from the hospital until Thomas is found. The story unfolds in present and past flipping format and Mie has to re-construct her memories to solve this zig saw puzzle.

This mini series has some fine acting and nice plot twists to keep viewers engaged from start to finish. This one is a slow burner thriller and is worth your time. I had to fully concentrate to read the subtitles and it was worth the effort. The lead actress has done an amazing job in portraying the retrograde amnesia person who has to face hallucinations/visions and nightmares, while trying to figure out who (and what) she can trust.

The series has 3 massive plot twists which are not easy to predict. I would definitely recommend this 9-episodes-long masterpiece! However, this one is not for everyone. It has strong language, violence and sex. My rating is 4.75/5.



Anjaan : Special Crimes Unit (Season 1) Review:

Well, this is our own version of X-files, it may not be as good as X-files, but it is a decent supernatural series made in different parts of India. The casting for ASP Aditi and ACP Vikrant is perfect! The battle between evil Vanraj and Good cop Vikrant seems out of this world, but other than that it is interesting in most part of the series. It was like a trip down memory lane for me, since I have such fond memories of watching paranormal show like X-files which used to come in Star World, if my memory is good.

The best thing about this series is that the story usually ends in one episode. Also it is must watch for those who like thrillers and mysteries. The concept, script, direction and camera work are well done. Also they have shot most of the scenes in dark, jungles, etc to give it a reality feel, which adds on to it as a plus point. The BGM is pretty decent. In a way it is nice that the series ended at episode 65.

Hoping they may make season 2 seeing the popularity of this series. Also Anjaan Rural Myth mini series was the one which made me watch this one. So, hoping they would make season 2 for that one as well. Gashmeer and Heena did pretty decent job as the cops investigating and solving the supernatural mysteries. My rating is 4/5. Recommended for those who love mysteries and supernatural.

Source: The series is available on YouTube and Netflix.


Anjaan-Rural Myths (TV Series) Review

The series is set in various rural parts of India. It is not only engrossing but scary as well, with creepy BGM, hooting of owls, etc. It is well crafted and made. I wish they continue this series as season 2 on Netflix. What makes this series special or peculiar is inclusion of myths from folklore, legends, etc from rural India.

It just shows that there is so much potential in exploring the mythical tales of India. The best thing about this series is that every episode is set in each corner of India like Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra, Assam, Kashmir, Jharkhand etc. Acting is well done which gives a feeling of believability. VFX and effects appear natural and not overly done.

What makes it interesting is the development of characters and the changing scenarios. Evil exists in darkness and sometimes in light as well. The stories have been not only well written, also well adpated to the small screen.

Also this seems to be one of the best Indian series on Netflix. Give it a try and I am sure that you won’t be dissappointed.

I would rate it 4.5.5 for the wonderful effort by the team.






Death by Magic (Netflix) Series Review

Drummond Money-Coutts shortly known as DMC who has chosen a career as a magician stars and performs in the magic series on Netflix. He recreates the magic tricks that have killed magicians. This series had been engrossing and entertaining at the same time.

Though many of the death defying tricks in this eight part series are beyond one’s imagination, yet, there is no explanation given on how he pulls them off successfully? Some of the tricks will bring you to the edge of your seat. Tricks includes real loaded guns, speeding train, fire, heights, and enclosed spaces filled with water. Not to forget new version of Indian rope trick which is now a myth.

DMC travels around the world to uncover the stories of magicians who died performing dangerous stunts. From Cape Town, South Africa to Miami, Florida, he goes to sites where magicians lost their lives in order to learn more about each trick and the fatal events that followed. He ends up performing his own version of that death defying trick in front of live audience. The stories about the demise of past magicians are interesting, especially when he discovers some deaths were a result of completely unexpected circumstances.

My rating of this 8 part series is 3.5/5. Recommended.

Death by Magic.jpg



Dark (Netflix TV Series) Review:

I thank my fellow wordpress blogger Markd60 for recommending this wonderful series. This is the second series I had seen on Netflix after Stranger Things, the only similarity between both series is missing kids concept. However, the presentation is different. I would watch any language with English sub titles, provided it holds my interest. Well, this German TV series did hold my interest from start to finish! It took one Saturday to complete the season.

This one might not be fresh and innovative in terms of time travel concept, but it surely is in its story idea and execution. The complexity of the story can be compared with layers of an onion. It is multi layered and includes three time zones : 2019, 1986 and 1953; each separated by a gap of 33 years. ‘Dark’ is slow paced in the beginning, but it keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is tense, the cinematography and acting is great. It has more depth in characterization than Stranger things. Again, I was tempted to complete the season before going to sleep at 5 am. The best thing is almost perfect matching of characters in different ages.

This one is dark and compelling, not for everyone. It has nudity, sex and language, if that is okay then I would highly recommend this series. I feel like seeing it once again. My rating is 4.5/5.


Supergirl (TV Series) Season 2 & 3

How they killed a promising TV series!

Well, I had liked season 1 of Supergirl TV series. I thought that I had found one good series after the X-files. Sadly, I was proved wrong when I started watching season 2 which became more of love, break up and all that other than Supergirl.


I had to skip all that cheesy moments. What was a good start in season 1 went nose dive in season 2. It turned good to bad.

The Last Children of Krypton

I had liked Alex, who was shown as a strong feminine character in season 1 was reduced to weak woman in love with another woman in season 2. To make matters worse Mon-El was introduced in season 2. Supergirl was shown as his love interest and became side lined in her own series, which is unacceptable. Anyways, I had completed this season and hoped against hope that season 3 could be better, with Mon-El leaving at the end of season 2. The best thing about season 2 was Lex Luthor’s adopted sister Lina Luthor.

Season 3 became worse from bad, with Mon-El returning back. Alex’s break up.And what not? I decided to discontinue watching this series for good. This is a classic example of bad writing and the makers killing a promising series in two seasons. When I rate season one 7.5/10. Season 2 = 5.5/10 and season 3 stands at 1/10.



Supergirl (TV Series) Season-1 Review

I completed watching season one in two nights and felt it was very much entertaining. I liked Melissa Benoist who played Super Girl/Kara Danvers.


Also liked each one of the main characters in the series. I felt each one did a great job in this series. Well, watching this series I felt that more justice could be done in a series rather than a movie, as movie is like a short story and series like a novel.


The bond of the two sisters Kara and Alex Danvers was truly amazing. I mean the way the two sisters watch out for each other was one of the best thing about this series. Though initially, I was sceptical about James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) inclusion, but I started liking him and his body language later in the series. So many super villains are introduced during each episode of season one that the excitement continued till the last episode of the season. The CGI and action was well done for a TV series. In fact,  my wife got confused and asked me whether I was watching some Hollywood movie? And I had to tell her that it is a TV series and not a movie.

I was eagerly waiting to see Super Girl meet her cousin, but that didn’t happen in this series. There was only reference to Super Man every once in a while. However, the best surprise of this series was Super Girl meeting another super hero from the Justice League : Flash.


That was one of the best episodes of this series. Also I liked Hank Henshaw ( David Harewood). I felt he was one of the best characters of this series along with Alex and James. I love his character as well.

Strange Visitor From Another Planet

All in all, one of the best series I have seen staying awake Saturday night and concluding it on Monday early morning. I would start watching Season 2 soon.

After long time a series that excited me was this one. The best TV series I loved since my childhood days was The X-files. I grew up watching it. I would review it later on.