Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) English Movie Review:

This one was a treat to watch as if a comic book had come to life on screen. The animation was amazing with a well written story. I have grown up watching the amazing spider man animated series on TV and this one made me feel nostalgic.

The story is about Miles Morales who is bitten by a radioactive spider, thus giving him the super powers. Then he meets the Spider-Man (Peter Parker) who is killed by the villian Kingoin. While everyone is mouring the death of Spider-Man, Peter Parker from another dimension lands here. So,do the other Spidey characters from other dimensions as well. They all team up to fight the villian. Also they help in making Miles the new Spider-Man.

With great power comes great responsibility and we all can be heroes. This is the idea behind Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

I recommend to see this movie with entire family and enjoy! My rating is 4.5/5.


Thadam (2019) Tamil Movie Review:

This one is an interesting thriller which is unpredictable until the climax, which is rare thing in most movies that I have seen. The movie has a simple plot or storyline. However, it is the treatment that makes it different. The last movie i remember seeing Arun Vijay was in Kuttram 23, another well made thriller.

The best thing about this movie is its gripping screenplay that keeps one on edge of their seat for most part of the movie, especially second half. A rich young man is brutally murdered in his apartment with virtually no evidence to tie back to the killer. A selfie that shows Arun Vijay in the background comes as a much needed rescue to the police. Inspector Gopalakrishnan (Fefsi Vijayan), who has a score to settle with Ezhil, picks him up in no time. However, the plot becomes complicated from here onwards. Three women play the lead in this movie,

Tanya Hope and Smruthi Venkat have limited screen presence. However, they leave their mark. While Vidya Pradeep plays a cop and she makes best use of her screen space. Sonia Agarwal is a single mother and a gambling addict in the flashback. Magizh Thirumeni does a good job as the director of this gripping thriller.

Thank you Sunil Kumar S for recommending this thriller to me!

My rating is 4/5. Highly recommended!