Wonderful Death

A Poem

How silently creeps
in, thy death,
Strangle’s life and
snatches one’s breathe.
Brings in eternal sleep,
When all the worldy
comforts and pleasures
would cease.
So would all dreams
and desires gets
buried deep.
No more would you
hurt anyone nor
try to please,
When pain and
Sorrow will depart,
forever, with a leap,
As soul begins it’s
final journey,
Beyond stars and blue
sky, where thy
heaven would be.
While mortal remains
would be taken
to burn or bury.
There are many
unsolved mysteries
naked eye can’t see.
Where the deeds of
past life decide in
and the formless soul
gets manifestation,
I wonder as what
would you come?
back and to
which nation?



A Poem

Nothing is certain,
in this uncertain world.
The number of counts
of one’s breath,
The number of flaps
from a bird’s wings.
One thing is certain,
many do say,
As whatever takes birth
has to meet death someday,
but, even one’s day of death
is uncertain too.

Last Day

A Poem

I’ll never know whether today,
Shall be my last day,
I would go to sleep as
usual never wake up,
again to see the birth of
another day.
I won’t have any dreams
to remember,
Neither have any
words to say.
Or while crossing
some busy road,
Some speeding car would come,
Knock me off the ground,
I would land in the grave,
Perhaps, dug for me.
I haven’t pondered over,
What I have achieved.
That I haven’t.
What I have gained,
That I have lost.
I set out to win people’s hearts,
Ended up breaking my own.
I intended to do deeds of good,
Inturn, ended up doing that of bad.
The amazing friends I made,
Plus, enemies I got.
Birth comes with relationships,
its attachments,
While death breaks them all,
leads us towards detachment.
I came here empty handed,
So shall I go.

Life Swings

A Poem

Life swings
Like a pendulam
of an old clock
on the wall,
Between joy
and sorrow,
Success and
Love and
Finally loses
its breath
to face death,
The clock on
the wall is
wound up again,
So that it can
Swing once again.

Will Power

A Poem

It’s determination to

Achieve something,

Even if it is impossible

In the eyes of others.

Even if many obstacles

Come in the way.

Even if failure grins

And seems to stay.

It’s like climbing

A steep mountain,

The fear of falling

Is always there in mind,

As the strong wind

Is pushing you behind.

Also the rope to which

You are holding

Begins to break.

It’s the will power

That gives strength

To the weak,

And who knows,

You may even

Reach the peak.


A Poem

When I fall,
I stand up.
When I fail,
I don’t give up.
When I lose,
Still I hope.
In sufferings,
I try to cope.
When I’m lost,
I find myself.
When reality
Yet I dream.
In pain,
I try to smile.
In success,
I let go my tears.
In sharing,
I find my joy.
In this life,
I’m a winded toy.
In strangers,
I seek attachment.
In life,
I seek detachment.
In fear,
I find my courage.
When I despair,
Yet I believe.
In anger,
I maintain cool.
I know I’m
Yet I try to
Be something.


A Poem

Somebody did a golden deed,
Somebody proved a friend in need,
Somebody sang a beautiful song,
Somebody smiled the whole day long,
Somebody stood for someone’s sorrow,
Somebody waited for a better tomorrow,
Somebody said :- “I’m going to give.”
Somebody thought :- “It’s sweet to live.”
Somebody fought a valiant fight,
Somebody lived to shield the right,
Was that ‘Somebody’ you?