Photograph(2019) Hindi Movie Review

It is Nawazuddin Siddique and Sanya Malhotra who are saving grace in this slow burner which tests one’s patience. It is surprising to know that it is from the director who gave us “The Lunch Box” which I loved.

A complete stranger who is a struggling street photographer Rafiq (Nawazuddin) at Mumbai’s Gateway of India, convinces a youngster Miloni (Sanya) to pose for a picture. Also he uses the pic for the well-being of his grand mother. Later, Miloni pretends to be his fiancee in front of his grand mother. They both discover that they have a lot in common as the movie crawls towards the end.

Though the movie is slow and dragging, it has its moments like Rafig’s hunt for a bottle of Campa Cola which was fav drink in the 70’s and 80’s.The company had stopped producing cool drinks long back. The movie is like a directionless kite with a cut string that allows the wind to guide it.

The open-ended climax is cleverly done and it comes unexpectedly. The best thing is that the movie leaves a lot for one’s imagination. Photograph might not be the perfect picture, but it is intriguing and takes you back in time. My rating is 3/5. Recommended for those who have lots of patience.


Brochevarevarura (2019) Telugu Movie review

This is the second movie of the director Vivek Athreya and the best thing about this movie is that it has twists and turns. Also it is unpredictable. Story and Screen play is brilliant. This one something refreshing as Telugu audience are used to contrived plots and stereotyped protagonists.

Though the movie is slow in developing, but you never feel bored. Usually, it is execution that makes a big difference as the story is pretty simple.This one is a fun ride thriller that brings a smile on audience face towards the end. Everyone performed well.

The dark comedy genre is something rare in Telugu movies. Cinematography and BGM are a delight.Brochevarevarura (who will save us?). Well, the director has saved us with an entertaining comic thriller after his debuntant Mental Madhilo which impressed us.

This one has sub titles and everyone can enjoy it on Amazoin prime. My rating is 3.5/4. Highly Recommended.


Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya (2019) Telugu Movie Review:

Nice to know that at least some of the Telugu movies are coming out of routine. Agent Sai…is a detective movie with subtitles on Amazon prime and everyone should watch this one.Naveen Polishetty has done a remarkable job as the lead detective with an empty cafe coffee day cup in his hand, who watches suspense movies and is a fan of Sherlock Holmes.

The best thing about this movie is there are no songs, item songs, no romance. This one is best detective movie after Chiru’s Chantabhai.

Good job by debutant director Swaroop RSJ. The movie works mainly because of the story which is accompanied with right screen play and background music.

All in all, a good suspense movie with nice twists and turns that keep you engaged. My rating is 3.5/5. Recommended.


The Lion King (2019) Movie Review:

They had renovated the Shree Laxmi Theatre near our home. So, this is the first movie which we saw in this theatre post renovation, and that too 3D one. My daughter had a nice time watching this movie. My wife felt it was bit boring. However, I enjoyed this one. It was like watching the National Geographic Channel with all the wild animals on the screen.

The live action was done so well. All those complaining about lack of emotions, come on, do you want the lion to smile? They have tried their best to keep it as realistic as possible and they have achieved it. The Live action, VFX and cinematography are awesome. The music and songs were good on screen. It brought back the memories of the Original animated one which I had seen during my college days.

I felt everything was perfect. Go and enjoy this wonderful movie in 3D with your kids.

My rating is 4/5. Highly recommended.

Rim of the World(2019) Netflix Movie Review:

I liked the movie and felt it was decent one.This one is a fun sci-fi movie about four kids who are on a mission to save the world from an alien attack. The cast was perfect and the sepcial effects were pretty good. Don’t expect this one to be like the ID or Stanger Things Series on Netflix and you will enjoy it. Also this one is a reminder of the classic movies which we have seen in the 70’s.This movie is directed by MCG of Terminator Salvation. It is a good movie from start to finish.

Ignore all the criticism on this movie, watch it and decide for yourself.

It was a good Sunday afternoon movie for me. It is pretty decent movie and it strays away from logic, but that is fine as this one is based on fiction.

My rating is 3.5/5. Recommended.


Murder Mystery(2019) Netflix Movie Review:

 The script of the movie was quite good which deals with two aspects: While it deals with murder mystery and the second aspect is the marriage issue between Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. It is nice to see these together in a movie which has become rare now. Thoiugh the plus point is the murder mystery suspense that runs through the movie. The other good thing is the glamorous and exotic setting across Europe and aboard a nice Yacht that adds value to the movie.

The movie has Agatha Christie kinda mystery running through. As usual the chemistry between Adam and Jennifer is awesome. It has some pretty decent action scenes too.We don’t get to see movies like this any more, so it is fun.

My rating is 3/5. Recommended.


I am Mother (2019) Netflix Movie Review:

A teenage girl is raised underground by a robot “Mother” when human race has reached extinction. But their unique bond is disturbed when a stanger also another human being arrives.I felt the concept was rather unique. I mean the bonding between a very intelligient AI and a girl.

The movie is more of use your own imagination sort.The production design of the movie is really good. Clara Rugaard who plays Daughter, outshines Hilary Swank with ease.While the robot who plays mother and is voiced by Rose Byrne is mysterious and you start wondering what Mother’s actual intentions are?

Australian director Grant Sputore does decent job in his debutant venture. This one has decent pace, isn’t boring and is thought provoking science fiction thriller. I liked this one and would recommend it. My rating is 3.5/5.