Story That Made Me Wish For A Daughter

A Page from my life

This happened during my school days, when I had read this story, thinking it to be like any other story that I had read during that time. However, when I finished reading it, I felt as if it had given me a new wish to have a daughter when I grew up and got married. It was a moving and touching story about the bond between a father and his little daughter. Until I read this one, I didn’t know that this bond can be so much wonderful! It was then I felt deep in my heart that every father who has a daughter should really feel proud, and then not everyone is blessed to have a daughter.

Many years later, I got married to a caring and loving woman. It was in the end of December 2011, my wife told me the good news that I am going to become a father. This not only made me feel happy, but deep in my heart I wished it could be a girl.

‘What shall we name the baby, if it is a boy?’ My wife asked me.

‘How about Aryan?’ I suggested.

‘Well, that’s a good name. Alright, we shall name the baby Aryan, if it is a boy’ She said, ‘What if it is a girl?’

I thought for a while. I remembered the long story I had written sometime back called ‘Aryan & Sachika’ and then Sachika was Aryan’s love interest.

‘How about Sanjana?’ I suggested once again.

‘That’s a good name too!’ She said, smiling at me, ‘Alright, Aryan or Sanjana it would be.’

I just smiled back at her in response.

‘Oh, baby, are you Aryan or Sanjana?’ She asked, gently feeling her tummy and the baby kicked from within just then…

‘See…do you feel it? I think it is Aryan!’ She said, taking my hand and placing my palm gently on her tummy, as the baby kicked one more time. I could also feel the sensation. I wonder why the baby kicked then? Maybe, if he was Aryan then he would have kicked when we called him Sanjana or wise versa. It didn’t matter much to me.

‘All I want is a healthy baby and it doesn’t matter whether it is Aryan or Sanjana.’ I told my wife.

We started buying toys for the baby which was still enjoying its stay in her or his mummy’s tummy. Well, most of the toys were meant for the boy, as my wife and her family almost concluded that it would be a boy baby. Occasionally, when she got some doubt that it could be Sanjana then we bought some toys to Sanjana as well. One thing was sure that it was a single baby.

I don’t express much and that doesn’t mean I have no feelings whatsoever. When we went for the first scanning….the heart beat of the baby was like the best music for me in the whole world. I kept staring at the TV screen during the scanning, seeing the movements of the baby. We were happy, but the suspense of whether it was Aryan or Sanjana kept bugging my wife’s mind.

She even went and asked the scanning doctor after the third scan. However, he had declined to share that confidential information to her. He smiled and told her,

‘You should be happy that your baby is healthy and doing well, and the rest doesn’t matter as of now.’

‘Dear, what if it is Sanjana?’ She asked me later.

‘No worries. I already told you that I’m fine with both,’ I told her.

Days became weeks, weeks became months and finally, the day came. It was my birthday on that day…I had ordered a cake and told the person to keep the cake ready by evening, so that I could cut it along with my baby. They took my wife into the operation theatre and the door was closed. I sat in one of the chairs, looking alternatively at the clock and then at the door of the operation theatre.

Unlike our bollywood movies, it didn’t have lights above to include the status of the surgery.

Finally, at 4.54 PM, the operation door opened and the doctors came out empty handed. A few moments later, the nurse came smiling holding the baby in her hands.

‘It’s a girl baby!’ She announced.

She looked so fragile and so small that I was bit scared to hold her in my hands. I kept staring at her…I took her in my arms for the first time with lot of care, looked into her eyes; she too stared at me for a second or two, before staring elsewhere.

My wife still wasn’t completely conscious. She was shivering in cold…I just hoped that she would be fine. Then the nurse gave me the baby’s blood in a small container and asked me to get it tested in a lab. Later, I came to know that not only my daughter shared my birthday, but my blood group too.

We both cut the birthday cake together. The cake had her and my name…I didn’t have words to thank my dear wife for giving me such a wonderful gift on my birthday.

Now, you should be wondering what is that story which had inspired me to have a daughter during my school days?

It was Rabindranath Tagore’s wonderful and touching tale ‘The Kabulliwalla’. That story even inspired me to write a story of my own named ‘Dawn’, in which I became the father and refused to come out of the story when I finished writing it. I had lived my dream through this story then and now, that sweet dream has become a reality..!