My Story published in Newspaper!

I had read some stories in the 5 minutes fiction of The Asian Age national newspaper which had appeared every Sunday. I thought let me give a try, so I had posted my story and after sometime I was surprised to see my story in this very section. I didn’t get any prior intimation about the publication. So, it was a pleasant surprise to me.

The story was “Please Forgive Me” and here is the story from the news paper.

Please Forgive Me

This was the first story with a tragic ending that I had written in 2001, which was followed by another tragic ending story ‘The Schedule’. Before this, all my stories had happy endings. It was really painful for me to write these two stories. I had to feel it to express it. And killing my characters wasn’t that easy as I had thought before writing these two stories.


My second publication in Tinkle.

Well, my second publication in Tinkle magazine was not so difficult as first one. The first publication was in 1990, which had taken a lot of effort and the second one happened in 1992.

Tinkle 2nd Pub-Cover Page

I had created a character named “Hamadri” inspired by my cousin “Hemadri” who too lives in a small village and his family has mangroves in and around that village.

My cousin was happy as the character was an intelligent guy.

Here is the comic story “The Haunted Tree”. The story is about how my character tries to outwit a ghost.

Tinkle 2nd Pub-Page.1

Tinkle 2nd Pub-Page.2

Tinkle 2nd Pub-Page.3

“The Haunted Tree” was important to me then because it even won me a cash prize for best story and even got me a certificate signed by Uncle Pai (Anant Pai).

Tinkle 2nd Pub-Prize Certificate


My first publication in Tinkle

Ever since I started reading Tinkle magazine for kids, I had a dream to see my short story published in it. This was years back when I was in school. I used to send my stories to Tinkle hoping to see one of them published, but I would get a rejection letter soon from its editor Anant Pai, who was fondly known as Uncle Pai.

Soon, I had a collection of rejection letters. My father saw those letters one day and advised me to stop writing stories and to focus on studies instead.

However, I continued writing and sending my stories. I never gave up for two reasons. One: I wanted to see my story in this magazine. Two: All those rejection letters had inspiration stories from Anant Pai, not to give up!

Finally, my story was selected for publication in 1990. It was the same year my dear father had passed away due to heart attack. Maybe, he went and requested God to do the needful, on the lighter side.

You can just imagine my happiness to just hold the book with my story published in it.

Cover Page

I still have preserved a hard copy of this book. The above is the cover page. Now, you too could read the comic book story “Naming the Baby”

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

It has been many years since it got published. Then I even got my second story published, which I would share with you soon.