We, Strangers

A Poem

We, Strangers

You and I

Walk in the Streets

See each other

Sometimes we smile

Sometimes we don’t

Sometimes we talk

Sometimes we don’t

We are so much alike

Yet, for each other

we are unknown

We mask our feelings

Behind our cold faces

Sometimes we open

oursleves to others

as though we are

best of friends

Yes, It’s two strangers

Who could become

close friends

close foes too

It’s strangers

who strangely

meet and fall

in love too

It’s strangers just

like you and I

Who make people

People make nations

Nations world

We, Strangers

come together

in a hotel

Sip cups of tea

We travel together

on land, air and sea

We come together

under one single


in the rain

We don’t know

the game of

the devine

Whether this is

our first and

last meeting

Or we’ll meet

once again.


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