D.I.Kim Stone Book#10: Dead Memories Review

This is the only series that has kept my interest for so long, I mean 10th book in this series and it is still awesome like the first one. It even gets better with each book. D.I.Kim Stone has the ability to shut her traumatic memories in sealed boxes in her memory, but someone has got access to a file from her past life and has started re-creating those traumatic memories and Kim has to stop that person before it is too late.
This one wasn’t predictable and as a matter of fact I went with Kim looking for that unknown person who hated her so much. In that way, the suspense was too good until the climax.
The D.I. Kim Stone series has been close to my heart for years now; and I eagerly wait for the next book to be released.In Dead Memories, DI Kim Stone must face her past in order to determine her future and to catch the killer.Kim has arrested many bad people, many have grudges, many had their lives changed due to this, who has the most hatred for her? Read this thriller to know.
I would suggest to start from Book#1 for those who haven’t read this series so far. My rating is 5/5. Highly recommended.

Fatal Promise (D.I. Kim Stone, #9) Book Review

D.I.Kim Stone had become part of my life sometime back. After the tragic and heart breaking climax of book#8, I wanted to know how Kim and her team moved ahead? So, was eagerly waiting for this book. After the last case, Kim Stone’s small team was moved to various stations to handle different things. Now, they regroup to catch a serial killer.

They have got Kev Dawson’s replacement, but Kim isn’t willing to accept his replacement Penn. With each book, we get to Kim Stone and her team members: Byrant and Stacy better. Especially, Kim, who thinks she is personally responsible for Dawson’s death, retreating into her shell like a tortoise, boxing the things that bother her much. Kim doesn’t even open with her best friend at work Bryant.

Though Kim has returned to work after the surgery, her boss Woody wants to know if she mentally fit for re-joining work? Ted’s analysis of Kim towards the end and even Byrant’s chat with Kim are well done. I had to re-read those parts as they were best parts of this book. Angela Marsons happens one of the best crime writers of our time. This one is the best longest series I have read so far. Still it is as good as any book in this series. I highly recommend this series to those who like suspense and nail biting thrillers.


Dying Truth (Book#8) Review

This is one series along with D.I.Erika Foster series that I have been reading. Also this is the first book which I read on my new Kindle. I never thought a crime series would make feel so emotional. In someway, I got attached to the characters of this series for so long. I felt like I personally knew each one of them while reading this series. So, it was really heart breaking when one of those characters meets with a tragic end towards the climax of this story. The best part of the Kim series is each one of the characters of this series. Angela Marsons is no doubt one of the best crime writers. It is not an easy task to keep series alive after say 7th Book. The last two chapters of this book emotionally drained me. It was like in real life when you lose someone whom you knew…when you realise that person is no more…it is the same feeling that lingered in my mind for days. Now, I would like to see how the story progresses further in Book#9. If you like suspense thrillers then this is one of the best series to read. I highly recommend it.


Deadly Secrets Book Review

I have been following Detective Erika Foster series and this one is the 6th book in the series. The story is set during Christmas, it is about Marissa Lewis who is young and beautiful and who is murdered in front of her house. As Erika tries to put the puzzle together through the bits and pieces of information shared by people who knew Marissa, it becomes complicated as a stalker who attacks both men and women – witnesses describe him as very tall, and wearing black clothes – but what makes him stand out from the usual attacker is the fact that he always wears a gas mask. Is he related to this murder case? The suspense runs almost close to the end. It keeps readers guessing! To make matters worse, Erika’s father-in-law has a fall and is hospitalized. So, Erika has to handover the case to Moss and rush to her father-in-law’s care. Will Moss be able to solve this case? You need to read this fast paced thriller to know more about the story. Robert Bryndza has emerged as one of the best crime writers and in turn, making Detective Inspector Erika Foster a memorable character. It is 4 stars from me.


This Dark Place (Detective Kelly Moore#1)

This Dark Place

This Dark Place (Detective Kelly Moo#1) is debut crime novel by Claire Kittredge in which she introduces the reader to NYPD detective Kelly Moore who comes to London under recommendation to solve a case and to catch a cold blooded serial killer. What I liked most about the book was that it was a good page turner which kept me guessing until the very end and I had no clue who the killer was? I would like to read more about Kelly Moore and her missing sister. Hopefully, the story would continue in the next book. The book was well written by Claire and I was drawn into the story. Also I was concerned about Kelly, as I started liking her. The characters in the story were well developed. Every writer leaves a part of her/him in the story. Likewise, I found some part of Claire in Kelly as well. Both are good at boxing! So, be careful 🙂 This seems to be a promising series like other D.I. Series I have been reading : D.I. Kim Stone and Erika Foster. Surely, Claire is the author to look out for! I am eagerly waiting for the next book in this series. Many thanks to Claire for remembering me and providing me a copy to read. I wish Claire all the very best for her writing and loads of success with her new series.

The Storyteller Speaks by Annika Perry – Book Review

The Storyteller Speaks is a collection of short stories by Annika Perry. The collection of short stories are both uplifting as well as heart breaking. 


I loved the story “Biding her time” as it took me to the magical world of two lovers, I was so much lost in the story that I felt forced to come out of it into the real world when it ended on a positive note. That is the first story of the book.

I should say that the writing by Annika is mesmerizingly wonderful, poetic and is a beautiful read. The stories are different from each other: some are dark while some are light hearted. However, the best thing about these stories are that they have deep emotions of ordinary people as they go through various human feelings. The readers feel connected to these wonderful stories while reading them. The first and the last story are my favourite stories of the book.

I highly recommend this book to all those who love reading short stories, as each story is well written bringing characters to life, surely these powerful stories do win your heart. The book is available on amazon.in as paperback which would cost Rs.661+Rs.90 shipping charges and Kindle edition ebook would cost Rs.241. Here is the link..



A face in the Dark & other Hauntings Book Review

“That night there was a thunderstorm. My bedroom window kept banging in the wind, I got up to close it and, as I looked out, there was a flash of lighting and I saw that frail body again, swinging from the oak tree..” these are the line from one of the collected stories of the supernatural named “Topaz” by my favourite writer Ruskin Bond.


The book has some 28 short scary stories written by Ruskin Bond over five decades.

The book opens with well known story “A face in the dark”, My two favourites are “Topaz” and “A face in the dark”. These two stories refused to go out of my mind. In fact, these two stories inspired me in writing my own scary short stories.

Well, one story from the book “Susanna’s seven husbands” was adapted and made into a movie named “7 khoon maaf” starring Priyanka Chopra.

“The trouble with jinns” is a story about a jinn who loses one hand, and learns his lesson the hard way. “The daffodil case” has Sherlock Holmes and Watson.

The best thing about these supernatural stories are that they have a feel of natural and therefore, give the reader a feeling of close to reality.

This one happens to be one of my favourite book from Ruskin Bond.