Secret Superstar Hindi Movie Review

Secret Superstar is surely one of the moving, thought provoking, emotional and inspiring movies I have seen in Bollywood. As An Aamir Khan movie one’s expectations are high and also one expects something different. This movie makes one feel proud of his or her mother. The sacrifices a mother makes to see her son or daughter succeed in life can’t be put in words.


Secret Superstar is about a girl named Insia wonderfully played by Zaira Wasim. Meher Vij plays her mother Najma. Sajid Kabir as Insia’s little brother Guddu with a big heart. Insia has a little love story too with her classmate Tirth Sharma who plays Chintan. Actually, negativity is required so that positivity gets its meaning. So, does Raj Arjun as an abusive husband Farookh  shines in the negative character. He is not the typical villain like in Bollywood movies, but an average Indian male who doesn’t care for dreams and wishes of his adorable daughter. It is here his wife stands for her daughter’s dream.

India has many talented kids like Insia, but their dreams remains dreams due to lack of support from family and other social issues. Parents need to see in what their kids have interest and then to encourage them to shine and achieve their individual dreams.

I loved this movie. A simple script, amazing screen play filled with right emotions that inspires and motivates the audience.




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