Sai Heritage Village, Shirdi P.1

We had been to Shirdi last week and the first place we had visited was Sai Heritage Village. I didn’t know about it, my wife had found this one on Youtube.


There is an entrance fee of Rs.125/- per person which includes a toy train ride and the railway track is much above the ground level. It appears like a roller coaster ride.


Well, visiting this place magically takes you to the era of Shirdi Sai. 


The life time of Shirdi Sai Baba is wonderfully depicted through various life size statues/replicas.


Also the village life of that era is shown very well.


Like this pandit and an old lady selling temple pooja requirements at the steps of the temple..


The Khandoba temple replica is done very well.


A farmer ploughing his field with oxen..


Bhakta Kumbara, a potter who is a devout follower of God.


One day while curing the clay to make pots, Kumbara gets so immersed in his chanting that he tramples and kills his young son. That is shown well in the above replica.


A lady seated in front of her hut.


A seller in the streets of Shirdi.


The pot seller seated with pots outside her house.



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