Close (English) Movie Review

This one was better than expected and presents Noomi Rapace as an action star. I had liked Noomi in What happened to Monday? I haven’t seen her “The Girl Who…” series so far, but would like to see it now. It is engrossing action thriller which starts slow and picks up gradually.

This one is like a female version of Jason Bourne or even Mission Impossible. It is said to be based on real life body gaurd Jacquire Davis. Not sure how far that one is true? Rapace has acted well in action scenes and emational ones as well. It made my Sunday evening enjoyable.

The plot is about a protection officer Sam (Noomi Rapace) who is recruited to watch over and protect Zoe (Sophie Nelisse). Zoe’s father has left behind a fortune for her, which is a mining company. Which causes frustration to her step mother Rima (Indira Varma). When Zoe travels to Zambia to check on the company, their home security system is breached and they attacked by a group of men. Sam and Zoe escape from that place. Zoe ends up killing a cop which makes Zoe wanted by cops. So, both Sam and Zoe are on the run from the bad guys and corrupt cops. While they try to figure out who is behind the attacks.

My rating is 4/5. Recommended to those who like action flicks.

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