Nila (Tamil) Movie Review

The movie is shot mostly during nights, some of them rainy, about a cab driver who has come from village to make a living in the city. He has a chance meeting of his childhood love interest, who becomes his passenger one rainy night. She initially doesn’t recognize him, but eventually does. And then she becomes his regular passenger.

We get a short flashback from their childhood days in between their present soft interactions. The story goes forward with more of body language than dialogues. The taxi driver and his beautiful passenger speak beautifully with their eyes. Fewer words, more of stolen gazes, mostly from the guy.  He makes excuses to other passengers just to sepnd time with her during the pick up and drop from her work place.

She seems some what detached to his feelings towards her. As the movie progresses their interaction increases. The movie picks up and becomes dramatic once the secret is revealed. This takes the plot to another level. It is here the director seems to be lost not knowing how to take the story forward? However, the wonderful climax brings back the movie back on track.

I felt the climax was brilliant. My rating is 4/5. Recommended.

Source: Netflix







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