Aatagadharaa Siva (Telugu) Movie Review:

I wanted to see the original Kannada version, but couldn’t see it. Finally, I got to see the Telugu remake version on Amazon Prime Videos. The basic plot is between the Hangman and the escaped convict. Though the story revolves around them there are sub plots which bring in other characters and they get connected to these two. This one is a well made road movie after Kendasampige.

I was surprised by the movie’s simplicity, depth of emotions and wonderful performances. Technically the movie is good too with nice cinematography, screen play and music. Well, even the jeep becomes a character in the movie..almost.

A criminal, Babji (Uday Shankar) escapes from jail as the day of him being hanged to death approaches closer. Whereas, Jangayya (Doddanna), an executioner gets an official invitation to execute the death by hanging for the person who had escaped the prison. Uday Shankar as the escaped convict comes with a solid performance, where he has to emote more and speak less.Doddanna from Kannada Industry comes with another solid performance as the Hangman who gets to see a redeemed convict Uday and even goes to the extent of fighting for the death penalty convict’s forgiveness from the President of India.

The climax would leave one speechless. This movie made my day.

My rating is 4.5/5. Highly recommended.


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