IO (Netflix Movie) Review:

This movie offers food for thought and this could be a reality in not so distant future. Sam (Margaret Qualley), one of the last survivors of dying planet Earth is trying her best to survive when everyone else has given up and abandoned planet Earth. The movie shows a bleak future where even oceans/seas have gone, only a distant memory to the survivor or a sweet dream.

There are some scarce oxygen zones on Earth like say ‘Oasis’ in hot scorching deserts, where we can still breathe. It really starts promising and interesting, but the plot sadly doesn’t go any where from here. The camera work is breathe taking at times with wonderful visuals, considering this one is made at shoe string budget. The movie has just three characters.

It is more of an emotional drama set in future rathe than a sci fi. Also the movie’s pace is pretty slow, not for someone who is fond of action sci fi movies. The concept is really good, but it fails in execution. The actors did a good job in not so happening plot. This isn’t the best sci fi movie I’ve ever seen but it certainly isn’t the worst. It is somewhere in between and it could have been much better. My rating is 2.5/5.


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