Annihilation (English) Movie Review

I just went with the flow of the story and didn’t think about plot holes. I felt this movie was something else…something mesmeric…something strange..There are some movies which make me thing after I watch them and this one comes under that category.

This movie is about an experience. The audio and the visuals are something that makes this one mesmerizing. While the curiosity and the suspense keeps on the edge of the seat. Maybe, nothing in the movie makes much sense to me, but still I ended liking it.

It’s about a biologist who volunteers to lead an expedition into a dangerous environmental zone, after her husband comes out of the zone seriously injured, and the sole survivor of his expedition. It’s based on the novel, of the same name, by Jeff VanderMeer. I think Natalie Portman has done some different movies in her career and this one is one among them.

A year has passed since a team of soldiers entered a zone called “The Shimmer” which is created after a meteorite had crash landed near a light house, none of the soldiers returned. This zone is rapidly expanding. Suddenly, one soldier named Kane (Isaac), suddenly reappears, much to the desperate relief of his biologist wife Lena (Portman), but he doesn’t remember where he’s been or how he got home. Then he has a sudden medical emergency, and is rushed to a hospital. In an attempt to help him, Lena decides to join a team of all female scientists, on an expedition back into the “Shimmer” zone. Will they return back forms the crux of the remaining story.

The movie is hauntingly beautiful like in some fairy tale or something. The visuals are breathtaking and the score is haunting. The story is engrossing, but slow. It is something that would linger in one’s mind long after the movie is over. Natalie Portman does her best as usual.

My rating is 4/5. Recommended.




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