Rachayitha (Telugu) Movie Review:

Rachayitha means a writer and the plus points are some good writing with plot twists. It is let down by poor execution, bad CGI and it lacks the fast pace which is generally seen in thrillers. Dialogues seem mostly long and poetic. It could have been presented better considering the story and plot twists had the potential.

At times, it becomes slow and boring. I continued watching as I wanted to see how the movie ended, if not I would have left half way.

The plot is about Aditya Varma, a writer, who has penned successful books. He has a love story in the flashback while he was a kid and in school, he would have tried to give a love letter to a girl named Padmavati. However, he would have been scolded by a teacher, who is also the girl’s father. He leaves that place and returns after 13 years for his childhood love. Also he is about to start writing his next novel which has theme of “Fear”.

It seems like a good plot is let down by everything else. My rating is 2.5/5.


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