The Lion King (2019) Movie Review:

They had renovated the Shree Laxmi Theatre near our home. So, this is the first movie which we saw in this theatre post renovation, and that too 3D one. My daughter had a nice time watching this movie. My wife felt it was bit boring. However, I enjoyed this one. It was like watching the National Geographic Channel with all the wild animals on the screen.

The live action was done so well. All those complaining about lack of emotions, come on, do you want the lion to smile? They have tried their best to keep it as realistic as possible and they have achieved it. The Live action, VFX and cinematography are awesome. The music and songs were good on screen. It brought back the memories of the Original animated one which I had seen during my college days.

I felt everything was perfect. Go and enjoy this wonderful movie in 3D with your kids.

My rating is 4/5. Highly recommended.


Typewriter (2019) Netflix Series Review:

This Indian series is engrossing and scary at times. It starts with expantion of the famous two line horror story “Dad, there is someone under my bed!”. I feel that Sujoy Ghosh tried to build on this two line ghost storyline and brought in the typewriter as the main concept. It works well for this mini series of five parts in season 1. The good news is that the typewriter lives in the end which means season 2 is going to come anytime soon in future. It is a ghost story set in the picturesque Goa.

Like Stranger Things, this series features four children as its protagonists, though not suitable for family viewing due to its graphic voilence and F-words dropped by adults in unexpected situations. These four kids and a cute dog form the ghost club. The major plus point is the location in which this series is set. It makes one feel nostalgic about Goa for those who had visited it like me.

The villa is well designed set, but you can clearly see that it’s not real. All in all, an interesting mini series. The acting is pretty impressive. Kids are awesome as well as most of the adult characters. I hope season 2 is better.

Recommended for those like mysteries and scary mini series. My rating is 3.5/5.


Stranger Things Season 3 ( Netflix Series Review):

I had strated watching Stranger Things Season 1 first thing on Netflix and it felt nostalgic seeing the season 3. Now the kids have become teenagers. It was entertaining until the last episode. However, it ends with sad feeling like death in season 2. It becomes kinda tear-jerker.The monster reminded me of Terminator 2 Judgement Day: I mean the monster growing with first accumulation of rats and then people like the bad guy whose liquid metal rejoins every time it melts in T2. Also the bad russian guy more or less resembles Arnie from Terminator 2 and behaves like him.

The major plus points of this series are BGM, good acting, good special effects and cinematography. My rating is 4/5.


Rim of the World(2019) Netflix Movie Review:

I liked the movie and felt it was decent one.This one is a fun sci-fi movie about four kids who are on a mission to save the world from an alien attack. The cast was perfect and the sepcial effects were pretty good. Don’t expect this one to be like the ID or Stanger Things Series on Netflix and you will enjoy it. Also this one is a reminder of the classic movies which we have seen in the 70’s.This movie is directed by MCG of Terminator Salvation. It is a good movie from start to finish.

Ignore all the criticism on this movie, watch it and decide for yourself.

It was a good Sunday afternoon movie for me. It is pretty decent movie and it strays away from logic, but that is fine as this one is based on fiction.

My rating is 3.5/5. Recommended.


Murder Mystery(2019) Netflix Movie Review:

 The script of the movie was quite good which deals with two aspects: While it deals with murder mystery and the second aspect is the marriage issue between Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. It is nice to see these together in a movie which has become rare now. Thoiugh the plus point is the murder mystery suspense that runs through the movie. The other good thing is the glamorous and exotic setting across Europe and aboard a nice Yacht that adds value to the movie.

The movie has Agatha Christie kinda mystery running through. As usual the chemistry between Adam and Jennifer is awesome. It has some pretty decent action scenes too.We don’t get to see movies like this any more, so it is fun.

My rating is 3/5. Recommended.