Kavaludaari (2019) Kannada Movie Review:

 This one being second movie of Hemanth after his wonderful debut Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu, so expectations are high.I happened to see it in Miniplex which is like watching a movie on my mobile I didn’t expect the screen to be so small, if not, I wouldn’t have booked the last row seat. Anyways, coming back to movie, though the story is simple, but the treatment is different. On the plus side, the movie has experimental cinematography and narration which works.

Performances by Rishi, Anant Nag and Achyuth Kumar are great. They stand out, especially, Rishi and Anant Nag. Music by Charan Raj is another major contribution to the movie. Especially, the BGM of the movie is amazing in one word. I have been listening to it since I saw the movie and it is addictive! The suspense keeps you guessing till the end.

On the downside the movie has it loopholes, like the security of the CM and the climax aren’t realistic enough. The movie is a slow burner. Add to this, it has many co-incidences. Like the last one which isn’t really required.

Rishi has come a long way after his happy-go-lucky character in Operation Alamelamma(2017). It is nice the movie has English subtitles. Others who don’t know Kannada can watch this one too! All in all, a nice movie.

My rating is 3.5/5. Recommended.



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