Goa Family Trip

We left our home at 4.15am on Saturday early morning in Meru cab and reached Bangalore Airport at 5.25am. Nandini, my wife and I had coffee and I bought a water bottle. This was the second time my wife was travelling by flight. Also my daughter Keerthana too. However, Keerthana doesn’t remember her first flight as she was just two years old then. Both wanted to sit by the window to see the view from the flight. Keerthana took the window seat and Nandini sat next to her.


I had booked a room in the hotel called “Mariaariose ~ Melody of the sea” much in advance and had spoken to them the night before the journey. The hotel people sent us the pickup cab to the airport. I had booked this particular hotel as it was near to the Goa Airport. Also it was near to the BOGMALO beach.



The Hotel staff were friendly and they agreed to early check in by 8.20am. Usually, the check in is at 2PM in most of the Goa hotels. Also they gave us an upgrade from Classic to Deluxe room. The Classic room is smaller as compared to the deluxe room. The only advantage Classic room has is a balcony, which we felt was okay to not to have.

We got ready and had breakfast at in our hotel restaurant itself. Then the hotel person introduced us to a cab owner. We came to know that they charge Rs.3,000/- for one day. They cover North Goa and South Goa in two days and that would cost us Rs.6,000/-. I decided to see North Goa on the first day. Fortunately, we got a Kannada speaking cab driver named Pandu. I started conversation with him and we both got connected soon.

We first went to DONA PAULA is a former village, and tourist destination in the suburbs of Panaji, Goa.


We clicked some memorable snaps at this place. Also three of us bought hats and cap as summer heat was too much for us, though there was cool breeze.


Then Pandu took us to FORT AGUADA which was nice. We had spent some time over here.


Later we went to the DOLPHIN POINT which cost us Rs.600/- per person for the boat ride. Luckily, we didn’t have to pay for Keerthana.


The boat person took us the point where Dolphins are usually sighted. We waited for some time until Dolphins made their appearance blissfully swimming in the sea.

Then Pandu took us to two more beaches CANDOLIM BEACH and CALANGUTE BEACH. Then we had our lunch. We found one WAX MUESUM next to the hotel where we were having food. We decided to give it a visit after completing our lunch. It was really good one. Keerthana asked me to take her snaps along with each wax statue of famous personalities and I obliged.


We went to see 9D movie which was okay. Later, we both played in dashing cars outside the Wax Museum. Then we went to BAGA Beach, which is the biggest beach in North Goa. Keerthana and Nandini had a nice time playing in the beach.

We went to PANJIM BOAT CRUISE late in the evening and it was one hour ride, with lights and music. People danced to the native songs.


Finally, we stopped at one restaurant to have our dinner. We returned to our hotel to take rest for the night.

Next morning, we had breakfast on the way. We were to see places in SOUTH GOA on the second day, which was Sunday, 21st May 2019. Pandu took us to FISH AQUARIUM and the guide explained about various fishes that were there in that Aquarium.


Then we went to some old Church in Goa and it was nice.


Pandu took us to the LORD BALAJI TEMPLE and it was nice.


Also the journey in South Goa was wonderful as greenery was spread across everywhere. It was a treat for a nature lover like me.

Then we went to MANGESHI TEMPLE which was built in 1539.


It was very hot to walk barefoot inside the premises of the temple. We did some shopping after returning from the temple. We skipped the SPICE PLANTATION as we were running out of time. We had lunch near to MANGESHI TEMPLE.

We went to BIG FOOT OLD HOUSE which had history about Goa.


Then we left to COLVA BEACH the last beach to end our day’s trip.



We had dinner at some sea side hotel and then Pandu dropped us at our hotel. We settled two days Cab charges and also I paid some extra money to Pandu, which made him happy. For next day we had requested for a bike so that we could visit nearby places.

The hotel stay was comfortable with electric kettle, so that we could make coffee whenever we wanted. Next day, we only got the bike by 12 noon. So we had to have our breakfast at hotel itself. Then we left the hotel on Activa. We wanted to see the Japanese Garden, which Pandu had mentioned the previous day. Japanese Garden was just a normal park with the amazing view of the sea and beach below it. I found some stairs which lead to the beach. We walked down to the beach which was solitary as hardly a few came down. We clicked some picks at this nice beach.


Then we went back to our Hotel as it was already 3pm. We had lunch on our way to hotel and it was good. Then we got ready and left to BOGMALO BEACH. It was a nice beach. I took some wonderful pics at this beach and sharing them with you.



Then we had dinner at a hotel near to the beach. After dinner, we left to our hotel. Finally, our trip was coming to an end.

We got up early next morning as our flight was at 8.30 am. The hotel staff arranged drop to the airport. We reached Bangalore by 9.45am.

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