D.I.Kim Stone Book#10: Dead Memories Review

This is the only series that has kept my interest for so long, I mean 10th book in this series and it is still awesome like the first one. It even gets better with each book. D.I.Kim Stone has the ability to shut her traumatic memories in sealed boxes in her memory, but someone has got access to a file from her past life and has started re-creating those traumatic memories and Kim has to stop that person before it is too late.
This one wasn’t predictable and as a matter of fact I went with Kim looking for that unknown person who hated her so much. In that way, the suspense was too good until the climax.
The D.I. Kim Stone series has been close to my heart for years now; and I eagerly wait for the next book to be released.In Dead Memories, DI Kim Stone must face her past in order to determine her future and to catch the killer.Kim has arrested many bad people, many have grudges, many had their lives changed due to this, who has the most hatred for her? Read this thriller to know.
I would suggest to start from Book#1 for those who haven’t read this series so far. My rating is 5/5. Highly recommended.

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