Bird Box (English) Movie Review

This one just goes on to prove that not all Sandra Bullock movies are good. I felt that this one should be good as it had her in it. The trailer of the movie shows or tells the complete story and you needn’t waste another 2 hours of your time. I started watching this movie hoping something good would happen while the story goes on, but nothing much happened before the end credits started rolling.

Actually, reviews and ratings are mileading, they provide the hype to an average movie like this one. If you are expecting to see something scary and suspenseful then you will be dissappointed , as this one has nothing new to offer or entertain. There are far better movies like “I’m legend”,  etc which can be re-watched, but this one is a real bore.


Sandra Bullock even gets on one’s nerves with her shouting and gives everyone pretty much a hard time. I felt even John Malkovich is wasted as he just holds the gun and doesn’t pull the trigger, on the lighter side. There are better apocalyptic movies like 2012, I’m Legend to name a few.

Someone wrote that it is similar to the movie The Happening. I haven’t seen it yet. The only best thing about this movie is that it is visually appealing.

I wish I could get back my 2 hours back which this movie had stolen from me.

My rating is 1/5. Watch something worthwhile than this one.



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