Anjaan : Special Crimes Unit (Season 1) Review:

Well, this is our own version of X-files, it may not be as good as X-files, but it is a decent supernatural series made in different parts of India. The casting for ASP Aditi and ACP Vikrant is perfect! The battle between evil Vanraj and Good cop Vikrant seems out of this world, but other than that it is interesting in most part of the series. It was like a trip down memory lane for me, since I have such fond memories of watching paranormal show like X-files which used to come in Star World, if my memory is good.

The best thing about this series is that the story usually ends in one episode. Also it is must watch for those who like thrillers and mysteries. The concept, script, direction and camera work are well done. Also they have shot most of the scenes in dark, jungles, etc to give it a reality feel, which adds on to it as a plus point. The BGM is pretty decent. In a way it is nice that the series ended at episode 65.

Hoping they may make season 2 seeing the popularity of this series. Also Anjaan Rural Myth mini series was the one which made me watch this one. So, hoping they would make season 2 for that one as well. Gashmeer and Heena did pretty decent job as the cops investigating and solving the supernatural mysteries. My rating is 4/5. Recommended for those who love mysteries and supernatural.

Source: The series is available on YouTube and Netflix.



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