Anthariksham 9,000 KMPH (Telugu) Movie Review:

It is a welcome relief to see a movie like Anthariksham in Tollywood as most of movies made in Telugu are mindless masala movies defying logics. This movie engrossing from start to finish. Antariksham is surely a wonderful attempt in Telugu movies, which needs to be encouraged so that more such movie are made in future. The best thing about this movie is that it doesn’t go off-track.

I haven’t seen Sankalp Reddy’s first movie so far. However, directors like him are much needed to bring novelty to Tollywood. Varun Tej is a perfect fit for this role of a scientist. Who is well supported by others. Especially, Rahman whom I liked in Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru (D-16).

Mihira, an Indian satellite which is dysfunctional, is on the course of destroying the entire communication system in the world. Now, its creator, Dev(Varun Tej) along with three other astronauts needs to fix it going to outer space.

Well, there are some minus points in this one too, like Varun Tej going missing in outer space and coming back from nowhere. A satellite traveling at 9000 KMPH docking at the International Space Station with pinpoint precision. Scenes like these look a bit too far-fetched, but comparing to Balakrishna movies, it seems nothing.

My rating is 4/5



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