Anjaan-Rural Myths (TV Series) Review

The series is set in various rural parts of India. It is not only engrossing but scary as well, with creepy BGM, hooting of owls, etc. It is well crafted and made. I wish they continue this series as season 2 on Netflix. What makes this series special or peculiar is inclusion of myths from folklore, legends, etc from rural India.

It just shows that there is so much potential in exploring the mythical tales of India. The best thing about this series is that every episode is set in each corner of India like Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra, Assam, Kashmir, Jharkhand etc. Acting is well done which gives a feeling of believability. VFX and effects appear natural and not overly done.

What makes it interesting is the development of characters and the changing scenarios. Evil exists in darkness and sometimes in light as well. The stories have been not only well written, also well adpated to the small screen.

Also this seems to be one of the best Indian series on Netflix. Give it a try and I am sure that you won’t be dissappointed.

I would rate it 4.5.5 for the wonderful effort by the team.






One thought on “Anjaan-Rural Myths (TV Series) Review

  1. Anil Manohar

    When I started watching ANJAAN , my expectations were increased despite the average acting skills of lead actors. As the plot went on developing, I realised, it was a dead duck. It was a typical tv serial where the script could go to any direction. This so called web serial does not even deserve a review. Direction less scripts, Worthless dialogues, less mentioned about the direction and editing the better. A fine example of C grade lead actors .


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