Aladdin (English) Movie Review

I had been listening to the romantic song “A Whole New World” and it had been one of my fav songs in english for a long time now. Also I had been seeing the Aladdin series on television while I was a kid, and liked it. The tale of magic lamp and Genie inpsired me.

I never knew that the late Robin Williams had lent his voice for Genie in this movie. He just makes the genie character hilarious. This is one movie which a whole family could enjoy together. The story has everything in it to make it memorable : Love, Magic, comedy, and a wonderful adventure. Also it is a good musical with nice songs as well.

Also ‘Aladdin’ happens to be one of the best tales from the Arabian Nights and definitely one of my favourite Disney movies. Jafar comes across as smart and menacing villian.The storyline starts off with Jafar (the villain) trying to find the Magic Lamp which will give him three wishes. Jafar finds the Cave of Wonders, in which the lamp is hidden. However, the cave won’t let just anybody in. The only person who can enter the cave is a “street rat” named Aladdin. Meanwhile, Aladdin is stealing a loaf of bread and running away from the guards. Jafar orders Aladdin’s capture and then helps him escape to steal the lamp.  Aladdin manages to survive and release the Genie (Robin Williams). He promises to grant Genie his freedom with his third wish.

Finally, it is a fight between the evil Jafar and street smart Aladdin.

My rating is 4/5.



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