Zero (Hindi) Movie Review

This movie is more about dreams which may be small, big or even extragavant like in this movie for that matter. It even skips logic at many places, for one thing, I have never come across any man who can make the stars to fall from the sky by counting 10 to Zero. It seemed far fetched than Bauua Singh reaching America along with his best friend. I started wondering getting Visa to America is so easy. As if taking a flight from Bangalore to Mumbai. Anyways, anything is possible in our Bollywood.

If you set aside all of the above things I have mentioned, the movie is not as bad as critics are trashing it. I agree that you may like it or dislike it, and there is no middle ground for a SRK movie. SRK’s last movie was so bad even for his fan, I had to fast forward to climax. However, I genuinely liked this one from start to finish.  Though Merut to Mumbai to America to Mars seemed far fetched at times, this short coming was covered with wonderful performance by SRK as Bauua Singh, also the movie belonged to Anushka and Kaif. Not to forget his best buddy Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub, who is a wonderful find for this movie. Likewise, Tigmanshu Dhulia who is superb as Bauua Singh’s father and ditto for Seeba Chaddha who plays his mother.

I agree that first half of the movie is filled with humour and second half becomes serious. Well, that is how most movies are like. If you like comedy movies then you can stick to comedies. And then too much of something isn’t good, right? I didn’t feel that second half was lengthy or dragged. It seemed all right to me. Well, the NSAR and preparation to Mars could have been too much for many, but it seemed alright to me.

Music was good too. Especially, the romantic track Mera Naam..While cinematography was too good, the same can’t be said about the VFX. Bauua Singh appeared as a dwarf in some scenes and in others it seemed like miniature version. It was not consistent.

All in all, a nice movie which could be enjoyed with family. My rating is 3.5/5.


5 thoughts on “Zero (Hindi) Movie Review

  1. Honestly, even the trailer puts my stomach in knots. I see so MANY things wrong with it, try tokenism, discrimination, bad fantasy, extremely stereotypical approach to disabilities, etc. to begin with. BUT it could just be me.


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