The Christmas Chronicles (English) Movie Review

The second Christmas movie which I had watched last night on Netflix starring Kurt as the Santa which I didn’t even imagine in my wildest dreams. I was expecting it to be a bad choice, but I was wrong. Kurt is perhaps most endearing Santa I have seen so far.

This movie has enough homour and warnth for kids as well as adults. Again a movie to be watch and enjoyed with the family.  The story is well written, the jokes are funny. Also one of the best X’mas movies on Santa so far.

Kurt Russell not only brings total coolness to the magic of Santa, but makes fun of Santa hoardings, even complains it doesn’t look anything close to him in person. The CGI is almost well done. The elves are cute and small. I loved their interaction which reminded me fairy tales. The reindeers were spot on and so was the sledge.  The two kids in the movie did a good job.

Well, Kurt Rusells fit the Santa almost perfectly. Well, he doesn’t like to say “Ho,ho,ho.”

My rating is 4/5. Highly recommended.




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