Maleficent (English) Movie Review:

I had avoided this movie for a long time, not sure why? Finally, got to see it last weekend and was pleasantly surprised as I didn’t expect much from this dark tale based on the classic fairy tale ‘Sleeping Beauty’. It turned out to be a beautiful twisted tale which I ended up enjoying. Especially, the wonderful charater development of Maleficent played by Angelina Jolie, who is truly remarkable (Also co-executive producer of this classic twisted fairy tale).

Technically the movie is very well made. Haven’t seen the 3D version, but hopefully that should be good too. What the sucessfully accomplishes and which makes it remarkable is that sometime even the evil could have a slight spark of goodness somewhere hidden within. Just like one small ray of light that pierces through the pitch blackness.

This is not your regular good vs evil tale where you get rooted to good and cheer for its win in the end, Angelina Jolie delivers an amazing performance,  playing differently the previously rather one- dimensional Disney villain relate-able and more sympathetic, while also managing to look like a convincing, gorgeous, magical creature. Your heart almost goes out for her for what her character has been through and that which had turned her cold hearted and so called evil. Everyone has the two sides both good and bad just like the bright and dark sides of the Moon. Only difference is which one we allow to rule us from within.

Usually, many of the movies ruin the classic stories or books on which they are based upon. Whereas, this movie makes it better than the original story of ‘Sleeping Beauty’. It is a rare thing like this to happen and hence, this one could a classic after some years down the line. My rating is 5/5.

Still questioning myself, why the hell did I avoid it for so long?









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