Andhadhun (Hindi) Movie Second Review:

Well, this one is sure a brilliant movie like Inception. My dear friend Ravi called me to explain the climax of this movie which is nothing but a blind man’s bluff. I was wondering how blind Ayushmann Khurrana explains the climax to Radhika Apte? Also there was no one in the spot when Tabu tries to hit him with her speeding car and the vehicle swerves away from the road and blows up because a rabbit hits the windshield while it’s trying to dodge a farmer’s bullet.

There is no way the farmer could have witnessed it from such long distance and narrated it to the blind man later. However, if you rewind the movie a little further before Akash ( Ayushmann Khurrana) moves out of India to a foreign country, you will notice that the car in which the doctor and Akash are travelling with unconscious Semi (Tabu) in the trunk of the car passes beyond a particular tree….which means Akash had agreed to the doctor’s suggestion to transplant Semi’s liver for money and got back his eyes sight with her cornea transplant. Also he got his share of money from the doctor with which he got settled in abroad.

Remember, he mentions in one scene that he doesn’t have any friends! Then if you observe when he narrates the climax to Radhika Apte the car stops near that particular tree. So entire climax is his version of story to get sympathy from Radhika Apte. Also when Radhika tells him in the end that he should have taken Tabu’s eyes after what she had done, he just stares at her as if saying ” I have done just that!” The entire thing is truly brilliant. Then did that blind rabbit really exist in the first place? The director tries to confuse the viewers by adding a rabbit walking stick to the blind man in the end. It is just like the spinning top in the climax of “Inception”. Wow! Ravi Sidula, you’re truly brilliant, my friend! Thanks for solving the puzzle of this movie’s climax.



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