Death by Magic (Netflix) Series Review

Drummond Money-Coutts shortly known as DMC who has chosen a career as a magician stars and performs in the magic series on Netflix. He recreates the magic tricks that have killed magicians. This series had been engrossing and entertaining at the same time.

Though many of the death defying tricks in this eight part series are beyond one’s imagination, yet, there is no explanation given on how he pulls them off successfully? Some of the tricks will bring you to the edge of your seat. Tricks includes real loaded guns, speeding train, fire, heights, and enclosed spaces filled with water. Not to forget new version of Indian rope trick which is now a myth.

DMC travels around the world to uncover the stories of magicians who died performing dangerous stunts. From Cape Town, South Africa to Miami, Florida, he goes to sites where magicians lost their lives in order to learn more about each trick and the fatal events that followed. He ends up performing his own version of that death defying trick in front of live audience. The stories about the demise of past magicians are interesting, especially when he discovers some deaths were a result of completely unexpected circumstances.

My rating of this 8 part series is 3.5/5. Recommended.

Death by Magic.jpg



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