Karma (Tamil) Movie Review:

Well, I wanted to see Kannada movie Puta 109. Then came to know that it is based on 2015 Tamil movie Karma by R.Arvind who is also the writer for the Kannada version. R.Arvind had played the character of a crime novel writer named Tamizhselvan / Aranganathan whose wife is murdered in this movie. Interestingly the movie has just two characters: One the writer whose wife is murdered and an investigating police officer who is trying to solve this murder and entire movie is just shot in one room where the writer does his writing work.

It is just a conversation between these two guys. I have a feeling that the Kannada version could be better as they would have done some improvements in the story/screenplay. That doesn’t mean that Tamil Original is bad or something. Somehow felt it could have been better. More visuals could have made this tale extraordinary. Also BGM is a real let down. Bad camera work.

A novel good story with good screen play isn’t well supported technically to make it more interesting. Hoping to see Kannada version sometime soon. My rating is 2.5/5.



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