Fatal Promise (D.I. Kim Stone, #9) Book Review

D.I.Kim Stone had become part of my life sometime back. After the tragic and heart breaking climax of book#8, I wanted to know how Kim and her team moved ahead? So, was eagerly waiting for this book. After the last case, Kim Stone’s small team was moved to various stations to handle different things. Now, they regroup to catch a serial killer.

They have got Kev Dawson’s replacement, but Kim isn’t willing to accept his replacement Penn. With each book, we get to Kim Stone and her team members: Byrant and Stacy better. Especially, Kim, who thinks she is personally responsible for Dawson’s death, retreating into her shell like a tortoise, boxing the things that bother her much. Kim doesn’t even open with her best friend at work Bryant.

Though Kim has returned to work after the surgery, her boss Woody wants to know if she mentally fit for re-joining work? Ted’s analysis of Kim towards the end and even Byrant’s chat with Kim are well done. I had to re-read those parts as they were best parts of this book. Angela Marsons happens one of the best crime writers of our time. This one is the best longest series I have read so far. Still it is as good as any book in this series. I highly recommend this series to those who like suspense and nail biting thrillers.



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