Tumbbad (Hindi) Movie review

Two reasons why I wanted to watch this one: I hadn’t watched a movie in theatres for quite sometime and this one got good reviews. Also it is produced by Anand L Rai, who has directed some pretty good movies like Tanu Weds Manu and its wonderful sequel. However, this one isn’t for everyone and it is slow paced and has gore, dark and deep, above all not your usual popcorn movie. It is set in pre and post independence periods which makes it feel more authentic. Technically, the movie is very good. Especially, visuals and the way Tumbadd is shown onscreen, Pankaj Kumar’s cinematography gives the movie a great effect . The BGM is well supported with the setting and visuals to give it an eerie feel. It is the fear of the unseen legend and mythical creature called Hastar, which is well supported by human greed that sets the tone of the movie. Sohum Shah who plays adult Vinayak is brilliant, has dedicated seven years of his life for this movie. All actors in the movie have done good job. Tumbbad is the story of a boy who grows up obsessed with the mythical treasure. As he grows up, he finds a way to get it, coin by coin, going deep and deeper into the forbidden abyss. Vinayak gets addicted to narrow escapes and keeps going back to the abyss for more, which goes on for over thirty years. The film is presented in chapters and the final chapter concludes post independence. It ends up as a moral tale on human greed, which can be more scary than any supernatural entity. I am reducing half a star for making me feel sleepy while watching it. Especially, the first part before the interval. My rating is 3.5/5. Recommended if you want to see something different in horror genre and if you could sit through its slow pace.


9 thoughts on “Tumbbad (Hindi) Movie review

  1. Good info! I was looking forward for a good review of this movie. Was kind of wondering what this movie was actually all about…… the info u gave was useful. For one the title was a diffdrent one…..Thanks Vasu….


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