Andhadhun (Hindi) Movie Review:

What is life? It runs on liver. Wow! I haven’t seen a brilliant thriller in Hindi movies for quite sometime. This one is surely the best nail biting or edge of seat thrillers of this year. It is difficult to make a thriller as audience have seen better suspense movies in their lives and they can judge how the next scene would be like.Sriram Raghavan, the director of this movie knows how to bring out the rabbit out of the magician’s hat in a different way! Akash (Ayushmann Khurrana) the leading man of the movie is just brilliant in this role of a blind man.

Akash, a piano player, was not born blind but tells us he lost his eyesight when struck by a cricket ball at the age of fourteen. Tabu is perfect playing the woman without a conscience. You can’t predict what is going to happen next ? The suspense isn’t whether Akash is blind or not? It is much more than that! Andhadhun is a rare thriller to Bollywood which is starved of good movies like this one.

The writing and execution of the characters is outstanding. A policeman, played by a hilarious Manav Vij, eats sixteen eggs a day “for protein,” fears his wife and, despite his beefy body, is a chicken at home, though he is called ‘Singham’ by his lover Tabu. Tabu’s character is extraordinary, nothing like that she has played before. Radhika Apte is good in her role. Sriram Raghvan has delivered what seems like an impossible thriller. My rating is 5/5. Highly recommended!


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