Kaarwan(Hindi) Movie Review:

This one has an unconventional story line introducing Dulquer Salman to Bollywood, who is well supported by Irrfan Khan and Mithila Palkar. Most of us don’t follow our dreams/passions in our individual lives as reality is different from fantasy. It is same with Avinash (Dulquer) who wants to be a photographer, but his father demotivates him and he lets go of his dream. This adds to the gap between father and son. Then suddenly, son comes to know that his father had passed away in an accident which occurred while he was on a pilgrimage. To make matters worse his father’s body gets exchanged and goes to Kochi.

This starts a wonderful journey for Dulquer with his friend Irrfan Kahn who owns a Kaarwan, on the way they pick up Mithila in picturesque Ooty, then they go to deliver a parcel somewhere in Kerala. The cinematography is wonderful capturing all these beautiful places in camera’s lens. So is the wonderful music of the movie. The movie is dull at some places and enjoyable at other parts.

Overall, it ends up being a feel good movie. The best scene according to me is when the son speaks about his dead father in the prayer ceremony. It was really touching and Dulquer brings out his best in that scene. Amala is sweet and nice in a small role as Mithila’s mother. Even Kirti Karbanda appears good in a tiny role. Kaarwan might not be Dil Chaahta Hai or Piku, but still it is enjoyable and leaves you with a nice feeling towards the end. My rating is 3.5/5



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