Kolamavu Kokila (Tamil) Movie Review:

Kolamavu Kokila aka COCO is a heroine centric movie which tells the story of a lower middle class family that struggles to make ends meet, things take a turn when Kokila’s mother is diagnosed with disease and they need lot of money for her treatment. Nayantara is spot on for the character which is perfect example of “Looks can be deceptive”. She plays innocent girl next door to the perfection. I have seen many dark comedies in Tamil.

This one might not be the best one amongst them, but still it holds its ground and is good one time watch. However, the situation comedy with serious back drop doesn’t really click like it did in other movies.

The only funny thing I felt was Yogi Babu trying to impress his love interest Kokila. Saranya as usual was good as Kokila’s mother, but I feel she is some what type cast with such roles. Music by Anirudh is a major plus point. Nayantara is as usual gives her best in this movie as well. My rating is 3/5.




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