Aa Karaala Ratri ( Kannada) 2018 Review

This movie is based on a play of 20 minutes with the same name and should say that it is brilliant adaptation to big screen! The writing is simply superb and so is the execution by the director. Though the movie has minimum characters, they all have contributed in a big way. Especially, the lead actors are from Big Boss. It suits the saying very well “Land can provide for man, but not for his greed!”.


This suspense thriller is short and effective and keeps the audience on edge of their seats. The twist in the end and the climax will leave one dumb struck. Not just that, the movie will linger on your mind for days. Technically, the movie is very good, but the same can’t be said about its songs. They could have been better.

It is simple rural language with a few unheard lines from Mankuthimmana Kagga (poems by DV Gundappa), makes it even more interesting. Almost gives a poetic feel. This one is a well made suspense thriller that doesn’t give away its suspense till the end. The movie goes on to prove that good writing, screen play and lesser know actors and above all a low budget movie can turn into a brilliant entertainer. my rating is 4.5/5. Highly recommended.


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