U Turn (Telugu/Tamil) Movie Review

U Turn (Telugu/Tamil) Movie Review: It is nice that Pawan Kumar himself directed Telugu/Tamil versions of well made Kannada U Turn movie. This thriller focuses on traffic violations and how innocents have to pay the price due to negligence/recklessness of others. Any other writer/director would have altered the plot and made a mess out of it. The telugu version stays true to the original Kannada version.



Samantha is more effective in portraying fear, who is well supported by Aadhi Pinisetty and other supporting characters. Thrillers should be short and effective, which U turn is no doubt. The cinematography and music lift this movie. The flyover almost becomes the main character of the movie. One the best thing about this movie is the amount of detailing gone into the writing.

The word ‘Karma’ is repeated at the start of the movie and it becomes the theme of this movie. U turn is a well made thriller which you can watch as it is fairly engaging from start to finish. Also drives home a message on traffic violation. Take a U turn and go watch this movie. recommended. My Rating 3.5/5.


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