Dying Truth (Book#8) Review

This is one series along with D.I.Erika Foster series that I have been reading. Also this is the first book which I read on my new Kindle. I never thought a crime series would make feel so emotional. In someway, I got attached to the characters of this series for so long. I felt like I personally knew each one of them while reading this series. So, it was really heart breaking when one of those characters meets with a tragic end towards the climax of this story. The best part of the Kim series is each one of the characters of this series. Angela Marsons is no doubt one of the best crime writers. It is not an easy task to keep series alive after say 7th Book. The last two chapters of this book emotionally drained me. It was like in real life when you lose someone whom you knew…when you realise that person is no more…it is the same feeling that lingered in my mind for days. Now, I would like to see how the story progresses further in Book#9. If you like suspense thrillers then this is one of the best series to read. I highly recommend it.



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