Kataka Kannada Movie Review

This movie has a good message against the use of  black magic which is set in the back drop of a beautiful village filled with greenery.  This is Ravi Basroor’s debut movie in Kannada which is promoted by Power Star Punith Rajkumar. It is said that the movie is inspired by true life incident.


Everyone has performed well in this movie. Especially, Baby Shalaga is the show stealer who is well supported by Ashok Raj and Spandana who play her parents in this supernatural thriller.  The movie is well made keeping it’s low budget in mind. Technically it is very good.

The cinematography by Sachin Basroor is very captivating. The special effects in the movie isn’t path breaking, but done reasonably well. So is the background score and a couple of songs that give meaning to this movie.

At the end the message by Punith is good. Climax is the best part of the film, as you start feeling for the characters of the movie and also the bad implications of the black magic.

My rating is 3.5/5. Recommended.


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